First day out Smokefree

Yesterday was the first "Day out" of the year without a fag. It seemed strange asking the coach driver to stop the other side of the bridge for people to use the toilets, when before I wasn't bothered about the toilets, it was the last chance to get a quick couple of fags down my neck before the off again. Done it so many times before, I thought about twenty times yesterday when I would definitely have been smoking, queer, isn't it, smoke a lot more to make up for the short spells when unable to smoke. All went well though so I didn't get any little tests, apart from locking one chap in the centre and getting on our merry way before someone noticed he was missing, never mind, dried his eyes, I nearly peed myself laughing and all was well. David xxx

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  • Hi David :D

    So your first day out without a fag, great feeling isn't it

    I'm so pleased it went well and you enjoyed it

    Bet that chapped you locked in the centre didn't find it funny though :D


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi David

    Can certainly relate to the smoking a lot before going on a trip. I remember so well smoking a lot before going into an airport, holding back from going into departures, then having no problem going without. It's all so crazy but I did it every time even although I knew I would be fine once I was in.


  • Glad all went well and you didn't get tested..... it's a matter of getting as many situations while not smoking under our belt.... I have a vacation coming up soon as well.... used to smoke like mad and I wonder how many reminders I will get :D You did great!!!

  • it's a matter of getting as many situations while not smoking under our belt.

    Like little exams don't you think Bella, each time ,we go that little bit farther, and get a little stronger each time. Never been at an airport since the no smoking thing Jackie, I wasn't the bravest of flyers till I'd poured half a bottle of gin down my neck as we waited to board. David

  • Hi Bella

    Do you have a congratulations day today of 3 months?

    Well done you.

    Jackie x

  • Hiya Bell

    Three months, and on your birthday as well, congratulations on your birthday and well done on your three months smokefree. David.

  • Hi Bella :D

    3 months quit that's great well done



    Marg xxxxxxx

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