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Day 21 and another night out conquered!

Hiya folks, haven't been on in a while, had a busy week but nearly at the end of week 3 so chuffed! Also had another night out last night and was fine with the nicotine minis! Hubby was puffing away on the Ecig but it didn't temp me in the slightest :-)

Having a cosy night in, just waiting on a Chinese mmm!

Hope your all doing well xx

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YAY that's fab hun, huge well done :D :D

Beating the night out trigger in style there :cool::cool:


Go Mrs mash go...:D

21 days wow you must be so chuffed:D


Well done Mrs Mash, very positive uplifting post :)


Thanks folks :-)

Ahh Deb, I've had two long quits, one year quit stupidly ended after a night out in Liverpool :-( then I quit whilst I was pregnant with my son, that one was threw away on my first night out 6 weeks after I had him. Then the next one was 4 months which ended the day my mum passed. Ever since it's been a few weeks.


You are doing so well Mrs M really well done to you :) xxxx


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