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Proper drunk night out!

It's not the first time I've had alcohol since I quit but it's the first time I've had a proper drinking night in the pub. I had a night out with some friends I haven't seen for a couple of months and ended up getting really very tipsy (well actually - drunk is a better description) and I didn't give ciggies a single thought. I had been worried that when I really let my hair down on a night out I would end up throwing my resolve aside... but no... it never even entered my head. What's more... my hangover was over as soon as the headache went... usually I'd spend the whole day recovering but I have felt absolutely fine. Also, didn't have that nasty mouth I'd normally wake up with when I had drank alot and smoked (like something had died in there), which is a big bonus.

One thing I will say though... I drank twice as fast as I normally would... but that may have just been high spirits.

Still waiting on tenterhooks in case I experience the challenges that others have talked about in the third month.

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He he Lauren, you just discovered one of the many benefits of having quit... Hangovers become practically non-existent! ;)

Well done on this great achievement! Don't become complacent, but typically once you've been through a "first" like that, it means that you know you can handle it, and will feel even more confident the next time around.

Keep up that wonderful spirit! (pun intended).



That is brilliant Lauren! I know what you mean about the hangovers being over with quickly somehow they just aren't as bad. You are very positive and seem determined to quit I think this is your time. I really do!:)


Well done!

Don't worry about month three.. i'm sure the first time i quit and got to month three i didn't experience half of the emotions am experiencing this time.

I truelly believe in mind over matter. Stay focused and it will be a breeze ..



Hi Lauren

Well done u .... I had the same challenge this weekend too and came through it without a thought... Its day 15 for me and a lot better than I anticipated.... Interesting that you have thoughts about the 3rd month as Im the same.. i read some posts relating to this and felt totally deflated ( think my emotional state was a bit shaky at that point lol )... and also the fact Ive only ever tried stopping once in 27 years and that was a few years ago and started again after 3 months.... I know its all in the mind but cant shake the dread which I know is totally stupid...........anyway Im SURE we will be fine :) :)


Iv always bin one of them lucky people that never get hangovers.

Untill I gave up smokeing:( I get drunk quicker. I now do t remember what iv done or said or even who I spoke to. And I wake up feeling rubbish. I hate drinking since iv gave up.


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