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Just bloody wonderful!

Reached 8 weeks yesterday...I've quit smoking, cut alcohol intake drastically, virtually vegetarian, & low fat...what happens? I GET AIRLIFTED TO BLOODY HOSPITAL WITH A SUSPECTED HEART ATTACK! Just great! Somebody please tell me why I gave up...even the Doctors couldn't give me an answer & agreed that basically it was all pretty pointless! Unimpressed to say the least so no one give the spiel of 'Well, at least you can improve' etc & blah bloody blah because right now from where I'm sitting, if your number's up, it doesn't matter whether you smoke, drink or lead a healthy life, it's up! & just before anyone says 'Don't let this put you off' HA! As it is, I'm a stubborn bitch & still haven't had a cig...but please, thought I'd get this off my chest! & point out that, even after everything I've been thru over the last 24 hours, it did not drive me back to smoking so no excuses for restarting...there aren't any. Bitter & twisted? Me? You know what? Yeah, I am! But I'm entitled to be! Right...rant over...I'm buggering off to FB now to play some mindless stupid games & do what my doctor said which is to take it easy! BALLS! :mad:

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You got to ride in a helicopter ..... troubles aside, it's got a pretty cool way to mark your 8 week milestone ;)

Better still, your here to tell the tale :cool:

Enjoy your third month of being smoke free .... stay grounded :p


Hi Sophiep

Yup lifes a bitch sometimes and god knows you have every right to be utterly p88sed off.

You deserve a massive rant, moan and total bitch at life. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Apart from not being very helpful about the smoking, what else did the quacks say?

Hoping you're feeling less cheesed off by now and that your prognosis is not too bad.


Sorry to hear that Sophie but I admire your determination not to smoke, rant away (isnt red wine good for your - gotta have one vice!!) Look after yourself



Unfortunately, Karri, the Drs & Consultant basically said the smoking made no difference...what did was the fact I'd been bloody minded & ignored the pains in my chest for the last 18 months...& pushing myself the way I always have done to the point of exhaustion! However, I would still recommend that people quit anyway, if only for their own personal satisfaction. & I also am & always have been happy that every day, I wake up!!! As it stands, they think I have 'unstable Angina' so have to go to the heart clinic etc. & yes, wine is supposed to moderation (unfortunately, I don't 'do' moderation! Lol!)

As for the helicopter was amazing!!!! :D


Love your attitude Soph - I would love to go into a helicopter but not under your circumstances, take it easy and well done for staying quit again x


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