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Week bloody 3!!!

I couldn't understand what was wrong with me as I have suddenly become obsessed with smoking again. Since sat/sun I would kill for a fag.........I would knock old ladies out of the way to have one. Couldn't understand why it had got so bad as I've been coping ok then suddenly realised I am on the dreaded week 3. :mad:

Now I can understand how some people say it's so bad.............this is the pits but I will not give in.

I'll just sit in a heap and wail and cry................:(

Carol xxx

p.s. HURRY UP WEEK 4..............PLEASE!!!!!!

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Don't wail and cry! Your life is adjusting every day and soon this will all be a distant memory!

Why don't you treat yourself instead, this is a tremendous achievement getting so far... you know as well as I do that if you succumb you'll wail and cry more in the end than you ever could now AND you'll end up wanting to transport yourself right back to where you are now! So stay here... exactly where you are... erm, sing a merry ditty to yourself (badly) then laugh at what you're doing. Voila, no more wail or cry! Go on, do it, then tell me what you sang...


cry on my shoulder

Here is a shoulder if it helps, it is a very sturdy shoulder and has great experiance of being cried on, it will not give up or give in, it will just be a little damp sometimes:p

i am on day 3 (again) and know of what u speak re the dreaded 3's fine yesterday but as i get further into the 3rd i feel like i could kill, and kill happily if that would produce a cig, however it will not and i will not give in to the monster, i will not do days 1 and 2 ever again.


Don't worry I wont have one..............funny you should mention

In my first week I was struggling one day so my son and I went out and I treated myself to a turntable. Came home dug out all my old LP's and put them on. Spent the afternoon dancing and singing to david bowie and diana ross.......had a great day.

My little ditty would have to be 'These foolish things' love bryan ferry and loved his version of it the fact that ciggies are foolish things!!!!

carol xx


:D What an amazing coincidence... this is the way to go! I think I'll schedule a bit of dittying and dancing myself over the next two days! Back to the gym too for me methinks (was lax last week and really feel the ill effects). Also think a bit of leaping won't go amiss in burning the excess calories from all that food loving! I loved food before all this... there's no hope for me now!


Don't I've put on half a stone............need to get the tunes out tomorrow and get some more dancing done :D

carol xx


lets dance

and of course "dance dance dance yourself dizzy"


Don't I've put on half a stone............need to get the tunes out tomorrow and get some more dancing done :D

carol xx

Know the feeling 'sob'.

Also the dreaded 3's. Am in month 3 & for most of last week I wanted a ciggie. Not a craving - just a want. It's not so bad so far this week though. Damned ciggies - how I wish I had never, ever started & let them rule my life.

Well they won't any more - I won't let them :eek:

Gaynor xxx


Hi Gaynor

I know this is hellish, I am waking up thinking of a ciggie and going to bed thinking of a ciggie :( Like you it's not a need I know I don't need one it's just a want that wont go hoo. Oh well back to trying to keep

carol xxxxxx


Hi Carol :D

Sorry you're suffering with the week 3 blues arghhhhhhh but get this week over and it will be easier for you

Doesn't matter if you weep and wail as long as you don't give in

Hope you feel better soon just hang in there it does get better Promise


Marg xxxxxxxx



keep on going each day is important coz each day you get stronger without realizing (did you like that one think i probably pinched it from somewhere) xx im just in front of you just about:) x


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