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Day 29 - Just been told Scan clear

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Hiya all,

I'm on day 29 so 4 whole weeks without smoking.

Been a bit stressful as 3 days after I quit was sent for xray - unconnected to smoking - but got called into doc. 4 hours after as results looked bad :(

Doc actually said, very sorry but it looked like I had lung cancer :eek: and sent me for an urgent scan.

Just got results of that and been told 99.99% sure I do not have lung cancer :D:D:D:D (Got loads of other things:o but nothing terminal).

All things considered I think I've done pretty well not to have a fag during all this, may sound odd but you do think "what the hell".

I wasn't scared, didn't even tell anyone, bit of a fatalist I suppose and thought 'well serves me right for smoking'. Anyway, really, really happy now, and doubly glad I no longer smoke. ;)

Sorry to go on too much, but please everyone let this be a warning to all - it could have been you, and if it is there is no turning back. :eek:

There is nothing good about smoking, everything bad.

If I needed a boost to keep me off the Nicodemon, I've had it. Never, ever, again.

You have all been brilliant to me here, so supportive and encouraging during my 4 weeks, and so many great examples of quits. Forgive me for not doing individual thanks for messages but I don't want to take too much space up.

OK, let's get on with this - it is do-able, not easy, but do-able, and you don't even want to consider the alternative :eek:

love everyone, lots of positive thoughts, xxx bb

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Oh that's excellent nows, I'm so happy for you!!

Big ((((hugs)))) Bluebell and I'm so glad you kept you quit too :) xxx

Huge hugs hun xxx Well done for not cracking during a very stressful time, you shouldnt have kept it to yourself though, you must be very strong...... Definitely strong enough to never smoke again :) High 5 :) xxxx

Brilliant news Bluebell that you got the all clear - celebrate with me by getting the lift up to the next level, into month 2 we go :) xx


Bluebell OMG! You did so so well to not reach for a cig whilst faced with that awful, stressfull situation.

I'm so happy that the results were clear and that you have managed to stay focused and strong, truely comendable!

Others should really learn from your situation. Well hope your health continues to improve having eliminated smoking from your life. You have done the right thing! xxx

Thank God you had the all clear:D...but that Dr telling you that!how awful and humbling to rest of us.

Fantastic news x

Oh. My. Goodness.

You have been so so brave, BB...and I'm chuffed you've been rewarded with such good news :D:D

I am also in total admiration.


Bluebell- I take my hat off to you, I really do. How on earth you managed to keep that hidden and post as though nothing was happening, as well as hold on to your quit is beyond me.

All I can say is that you're one strong lady :).

And, of course, fantastic news. Many, many virtual hugs from me. :D

Thank god everything is ok, what a scary situation and you handled it with a quiet dignity, so so pleased for you and even more so that you stayed the course with your quit and are now heading into month 2.... Total admiration for you Bell, ur amazing xxx

Now, now, stop it all of you !! :o:o

I am not brave, and self-pity is pointless, we just have to face what life throws at us head on.

I only posted to warn others, this could be what's in store for smokers.

It isn't a smooth ride to stop is it? Wouldn't it just be easy-peasy to stop doing something you didn't enjoy?

This isn't like that, it is an addiction - a seriously bad one, and difficult to conquer, but possible.

None of this "Oh I really miss smoking" :mad: Yea, me too but I'd prefer to live my days out and enjoy them, instead of an early demise struggling for breath.

I trust what Max, Haze etc tell us - that eventually it gets easier.

What amazing examples they have given us, they should feel so proud.

I hope you all realise what wonderful supportive comrades you are. :)

Your comments almost brought tears to my eyes.

Blondie :p Let's move on up to the next floor.. :D

Goodness, how scary for you. But what an eye opener! Not long until you reach a month, doing so well. xx

Amazing lady. I am so grateful you are okay and felt able to share. Hugs :)

Bluebell, that's shocking and a wake-up call for any of us wobbling!

But the doctor was a bit previous, wasn't he???

So, so glad you're ok. You'll never smoke again, I just know it.

Well done for being so strong and thank you for sharing (hugs) xxxx

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