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My Day 1, first quit attempt

Hey all,

Thought i'd try and find some kind of online community about this because I tend to find myself more encouraged and distracted when I'm discussing subjects as opposed to ignoring them.

I'm 26, been smoking for about 5-6 years (i'd say about 10-15 a day on average), and recently i've just been sick of struggling to walk up hills, coughing regularly, money and seeing my dad struggle a lot with coughing.

So I thought, without planning, i'd go cold turkey. Literally decided last night. Still got cigarettes in the house and i'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself because then i know i'll feel upset with myself if I do fail - whereas without pressure, it seems easier?

So anyway, it's day one, 6PM and looks like I might get through my first day without a cigarette in 5-6 years. Hopefully it will get easier, because i'm having pretty big cravings, but i'm just trying to distract myself with phone calls, drinking water and watching some TV / reading!

Would be interested to get some feedback

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Hi, welcome to the forum. We're a friendly bunch. I suggest you read lots of posts so you know what to expect. Of course everybody's quit is different but you will find some similar to yours. I wish I could have gone CT but I lasted nearly 3 whole days and then I had to put on a patch. Good luck, not that you'll need it :-)


Hola! Congratulations & welcome to the forum! This is defo the best place to come when you make the positive decision to stop. :) Like Una suggests, read loads of posts & it will help u to understand what to expect, also have a look at the no smoking / quit timeline. It amazing how quick the body starts to repair itself! Most of all, keep posting on here, whatever it is, a rant, a craving or just advice & it does get easier day by day! I'm currently on day 12, going cold turkey & wouldn't have made it this far without this forum! :D


Welcome to the forum!

Please read day 454 by Hellesbelles it is a brilliant post with loads of useful information for new quitters. It is in the 1 year+ section and I know that will help you a lot. Good luck:)



Just to echo what has been already said, good luck, use this forum, post and read a lot, it's so helpful, as Leeroy says, I wouldn't have got to 35 days without it :)


Yay for you congrats on the decision!! Its a big deal! Its going to be a bumpy roller coaster ride but my few tough days I decided to post on here and it helped a lot! Its also my first attempt to quit so your not alone :).

Hopefully all goes well and we see more posts from you!

If you need anyone to chat with for support just let me know!



Welcome and good luck in your quit! You're doing it at an age to get the real benefits from it, unlike a silly old sod like myself, who took 35 years to work out smoking is really not cool at all.

Use this place and go for it. Literally nothing to lose.


Thanks for the replies everybody!

Got to be said, it was a poor first effort. I lasted until about 10pm during the Olympic opening ceremony. Got a bit bored when the teams were coming out.

I can't say I'm surprised, having not planned, not got rid of anything smoking related from the house etc. I just wanted to test the water and see what it would be like and as I said originally, didn't put too much pressure on myself for those reasons. I was surprised I lasted as long as I did to be honest, as even then it was the longest I'd ever stopped for!

My next plan is to run out of my current batch of cigarettes, which should be in tandem with a night out that I cannot avoid and will try again, taking some proper steps to plan it and reading plenty of advice on here.

And if anybody wants to chat, i'm on skype (jdrawmer) and email (jay at formasual dot net). Feel it would be cool to do so, and to keep me motivated to want to stop, even though I caved in on day one this time around


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