No Smoking Day
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Entering my 6th non smoking day!

What a difference a good nights sleep makes. I feel much better. I have had my green tea and my porridge and I am ready to face the day.

At the moment not smoking is taking less of my will power than abstaining from all the chocolate hanging around from Christmas. Piling on the pounds last year did not help and played a part in me convincing myself that the occasional cigarette wouldn't hurt. I want to avoid that happening again.

I am going to tidy up and then stick on my yogalates dvd for a workout. I plan to join a new gym on payday. I like the way my progress in my running and yoga, gives me a tangible expamle of how my health and energy is improving.

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Wow, you really are doing well. Wish I had as much willpower to eat and do healthy things. At the minute I am just eating everything and anything. I am a member of a gym and love it, I just cannot face it right now. The way I am looking at it is, if i gain a few extra pounds but have quit, it will only take me a wee while working it off at the gym (that is what I am telling myself anyway :-/)

Well done Ellie, you are doing great!



well done - positive thinking AND positive action xx

massive hugs and mwwwahhh kisses.... well done - positive mental attitude is shining through in your post... keep it up xxxx we are all behind you xxxx


Thanks Jill and Nikki.

I must admit, after a rather hormonally influenced row with my DH tonight about eldest son, I fleetingly thought of dashing to the shop. Instead, I retreated to my bedroom for half an hour to regain my composure.

Now DH has gone out and DS and I have had a long chat and cleared the air. I plan to have a lon gsoak in the bath. In an ideal world, I would have quit the nicotine before my hormones began to to decline!:confused: