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Newbie here...I have quit, on my 6th day!


Hi all, great forum!!

Using the Patches and occasional gum...I am on my 6th of non smoking, feeling not too bad.

Yesterday I really struggled, first day of being at home and not work, perhaps i was a little bored which didn't help. Today has been much better though.

I have asthma and had been smoking for 12 years, I was a real fag ash lil!! never thought I could quit but i have!! I am so proud of myself :)

The things i have noticed so far is.. I have really dry skin(god knows why?), breathing is feeling much better, not taking my inhaler as often, smell and taste have improved too.

My dad has quit with me too, and my mom quit a year ago, just my boyfriend to persuade now, :rolleyes:

Anyway, good luck everyone, I will keep you updated with my progress.

Cheers x

ps Dont you hate when your smoking friends coming for one? GRHHH

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You are doing absolutely brilliantly! keep the good work up......

DM x

Awww thanks very much :D x

Well done.

Yes, well done you. I have asthma as well and have used the blue inhaler less since stopping!

Welcome yok

Congrats on your quit you have almost done your first week so things will start to improve a lot. You have come to the right place you will have great support here. Tell your mum & Dad well done also. Linda xxxx

hi yok

Dont worry about your smoking friends asking you to go for one cos now you can tell them your a non smoker and I bet you most of them will think wow wish i could pack up ( which they can if they were as determined as us ).

positive thinking all the way.

well done on your quit


Well done Yok,

Focus on a nice smoke free life, with whiter teeth, fresh clothes , money to spend on other things, and more TIME.

I would always tell my children let me just have this cig, then I will help you...... loads more time for them.

Well done to you and your Mum and Dad.

keep us informed of your progress..... we like a good read ha ha.



Congratulations Yok to you and your parents on reaching day 6,keep up the good work.

Hello Yok

Welcome to the forum well done to you and your dad on day 6 also to your mum You have done the worst bit so things can only get better as you have already noticed keep posting anf good luck

Thanks very much everyone, so glad i found this site!

I had a horrid dream last night (The patches give me mad dreams, but don't mind them) I had a dream that i had a few puffs of my boyfriends fag, i really enjoyed it, but then was crying because i soon started again and had to go through the pain of the first day again!, i was so glad when i woke up and i was just dreaming!!

Although i am having a tough day today i just keep having my Nicorette chewing gum which really helps me with the bad cravings!

Really munching today too, need to get myself some ice lollies instead of chocolate!! haha :eek:

Hi Yok :D

So sorry you are having a bad day but well done 1 whole week done now bad/weird dreams seem to be seem to be par for the course lots of us have them no matter what we use to help us quit Just hang in there I promise things will start to improve now

love Margaret

Congratulations! You really should be proud of yourself, especially when other people are still smoking around you. I've been having the occasional puff on an Inhaltor instead of patches or gum - feels a bit more familiar, and you only get short hits of nicotine. With the patches giving you longer, bigger doses they are more likely to cause vivid dreams. Perhaps the Inhalator is worth a go?

As for the asthma - I have it too. It got to the point where I would go to the toilet to use my blue inhaler whenever I was short of breath because my boyfriend became exasperated that I was smoking despite being asthmatic. It was one of the things that gave me a wake-up call - my asthma had recently got worse - and I was hiding the fact from those closest to me out of shame because I was still smoking. It really was the behaviour of an addict.

Good news now is that I haven't used my asthma inhaler in a week! The first week I seemed to need it more, funnily enough, but I think that's because I was coughing a lot more (my lungs starting to clear, I guess). I climbed a 1,500ft high fell in the snow yesterday yesterday - and made it to the top without using my inhaler or stopping for a proper break. My fitness levels feel more like when I was 18 (I'm now 35) - and that's less than three weeks after quitting. Woo hoo!

Your doing fab babes starting week two tomorrow. Dont worry to much things will start to improve a lot really soon. Also the smoking dreams a lot of quitters get them its lovely when you find its only a bloody dream. Hope your dad is doing good too.xxxxx


:confused:well done Yok another day for you. ive started eating oranges instead of choc choc, apprently vitamin c is what we need............ can anyone else let me know if this is true.

Just a thought but some of you know my eldest son is an alcohlic. When ever he stops drinking they tell him to take vitimin b complex I wonder if it would help us when quitting smoking.xxxxx

Cheers everyone,

I can relate to taking my inhaler to the toilet too, I would keep it in my dressing gown pocket, i think i used to take my blue inhaler probably 5 times a day!! just watching tv on the bed I would need it, just laughing hard - i would need it, oh an some alcoholic drinks made my asthma play up- so again out come the inhaler! I may still need it for them things but i am down to using it twice a day so far, the first few days i didn't need it at all, but now i do..i am wheezing a little.

I did try the inhalator, i cannot seem to get on with it, not sure why, think I would like to stop doing the smoking action thing to get it out of my head :confused:

I have an ulcer on my tongue now, all the nastyness coming out!!:)


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