Yeh! non-smoking birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to present? The fact I am a non smoker, loving the freedom, the craves still twist my head a little-but nothing too bad.

Cheers every-one for getting me through this journey so far...This non-smoking birthday girl is off to the lakes for the weekend, to take in the beautiful fresh air and clean out my lungs xxxx

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  • Happy Birthday, SweetB. Have a great weekend away.

  • Happy Birthday, SweetB. Have a great weekend away.

    Thankyou :D xx

  • Happy birthday - have a fab weekend and enjoy the fresh air and walking....very jealous! x

  • Happy Birthday Sweet, I will remember next year as it was my dad's B'day yesterday and my parents anniversary tomorrow, so now your day has lodged in my memory bank. Looking forward to sending smoke free greetings this time next year

  • yay!!

    Happy birthday Sweet!!

  • Happy birthday.:)

  • Happy Birthday :)


  • Happy Birthday, have a great weekend :)

  • Thankyou every-one thats lovely for you to take the time to wish me happy birthday xxx

    Happy birthday Sweet!!!!

    You look and smell gorgeous today by the way

    Non smokers rule!!!

    One tries :-) xxx

  • Hope you had a grand day :) Birthday girl

    And do hope the rest of your Birthday weekend goes really well to :) x

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