Had a bad night

Hi all,

Day 3 it is :D

I had an awful night last night. NO sleep what so ever. I have had broken sleep before on a quit but never none at all. It was so tempting to get up & have one of OH fags but I didn't, I just carried on tossing & turning instead!

I was so tempted to have a fag this morning, just the one you understand. Having had no sleep, depressed as I know I have to return to the hell hole (work) tomorrow that just one was desperately needed.

I am SO pleased to say I haven't given in. I know there is not just one, that one just starts the chain again & I have no wish to do that. Also knowing that day 3 means the nicotine has left my body it would be very stupid to pump some back in :eek:

Sooooooooooo, bring on day 3 :D

Gaynor x

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  • Dont do it keep up the good work grab some zzzzzzzzzzz and kill the nicodemons they are only thought,s .

    i am now on day 3 we can do this dont let me down


  • Gaynor, I am having sleep trouble too... I got more last night than the night before but it was very broken... the quitline told me it was the physical withdrawals and doesn't last too long... as soon as I knew what was causing it I was reassured enough to push through them... I still have no doubts about my quit, and no sign of "the wall" yet... stay strong. x :)

  • Thanks Nic & Vicki,

    Glad to see we are all still getting there together :D We should be proud of our achievement, we are doing brilliantly ;)

    Gaynor x

  • Hi Gaynor,

    Well done on day 3. You know the drill, read loads, post often, drink lots of water. You can do this, this is the one, I really believe that.

    Stay strong my friend you know where I am if you need me.

  • Well done G, keep it up girl you're doing bloody great. Just think what's waiting for you, freedom from that dreadful weed. Few hours and you might get a sleep tonight then another day. David

  • Thanks for your message Bev.

    Had a little nap this afternoon David & yes your right, a few more hours, then bed, then another day to add to my quit :D

    Sorry you had a bad night as well Joan. My problem is if I really could not get to sleep I use to go down & have a fag, that usually used to get me off (despite the fact it shouldn't). That was not an option :eek: It won't last forever Joan & a small price to pay for freedom anyway really.

    Gaynor xx

  • Glad you are feeling a bit better now Joan. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight & your legs behave themselves ;)

    Gaynor x

  • Awww Gaaaaynooor :) such a long time!! like you say never stop trying,,, good girl keep it up your doing great, move on from the bad times & let the good times roll,,, you can do this. :)

  • Nicotine should have now gone from your blood, so hopefully you get a better night sleep tonight, bring on Day 4!!!

    S x

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