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Had a bad night

Hi all,

Day 3 it is :D

I had an awful night last night. NO sleep what so ever. I have had broken sleep before on a quit but never none at all. It was so tempting to get up & have one of OH fags but I didn't, I just carried on tossing & turning instead!

I was so tempted to have a fag this morning, just the one you understand. Having had no sleep, depressed as I know I have to return to the hell hole (work) tomorrow that just one was desperately needed.

I am SO pleased to say I haven't given in. I know there is not just one, that one just starts the chain again & I have no wish to do that. Also knowing that day 3 means the nicotine has left my body it would be very stupid to pump some back in :eek:

Sooooooooooo, bring on day 3 :D

Gaynor x

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Dont do it keep up the good work grab some zzzzzzzzzzz and kill the nicodemons they are only thought,s .

i am now on day 3 we can do this dont let me down



Gaynor, I am having sleep trouble too... I got more last night than the night before but it was very broken... the quitline told me it was the physical withdrawals and doesn't last too long... as soon as I knew what was causing it I was reassured enough to push through them... I still have no doubts about my quit, and no sign of "the wall" yet... stay strong. x :)


Thanks Nic & Vicki,

Glad to see we are all still getting there together :D We should be proud of our achievement, we are doing brilliantly ;)

Gaynor x


Hi Gaynor,

Well done on day 3. You know the drill, read loads, post often, drink lots of water. You can do this, this is the one, I really believe that.

Stay strong my friend you know where I am if you need me.


Well done G, keep it up girl you're doing bloody great. Just think what's waiting for you, freedom from that dreadful weed. Few hours and you might get a sleep tonight then another day. David


Thanks for your message Bev.

Had a little nap this afternoon David & yes your right, a few more hours, then bed, then another day to add to my quit :D

Sorry you had a bad night as well Joan. My problem is if I really could not get to sleep I use to go down & have a fag, that usually used to get me off (despite the fact it shouldn't). That was not an option :eek: It won't last forever Joan & a small price to pay for freedom anyway really.

Gaynor xx


Glad you are feeling a bit better now Joan. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight & your legs behave themselves ;)

Gaynor x


Awww Gaaaaynooor :) such a long time!! like you say never stop trying,,, good girl keep it up your doing great, move on from the bad times & let the good times roll,,, you can do this. :)


Nicotine should have now gone from your blood, so hopefully you get a better night sleep tonight, bring on Day 4!!!

S x


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