Last night of death tubes for me

Just back from having done the treadmill cardio test . Completed the test but felt absolutely rubbish afterwards. Its taken this to make realise that I love my wife far to much to want to leave anytime soon, so as of tonight fags are history, a long history for me granted, and I have been beaten several times by the nicotine monster, this time I actually have the medical reason for motivation so as of tonight NO MORE . Wish me luck and see you in the penthouse this time next year :D

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  • Welcome

    Hi - I don't know if you've seen this forum before, but it's a fantastic support..

    Good luck to you

  • Well done Barrie on deciding to quit, like goodbyetoallthat (phew long name) says, this forum is wonderful.

    Your health is a great reason to give up, you've had you're fun now it's time to stop :)

    Best of luck and post on here when you need to.

    Lisa X

  • Thanks

    No I've not seen this forum before and I hope it will help just knowing other people are doing right now rather than all the people who tell you they quit when Noah was a lad and its easy. Thanks for the support :)

  • Yeah right it's so easy...nobody would die due to smoking related illnesses then would they. I wonder how many smoking counsellors actually smoked, I believe I haven't met one yet? That's like Stephen Hawking lecturing on PMT.

  • well done :D just think of all the money you wilbe saving to treat yourself and your wife

    btw if the government wasnt making so much money of the cost of each pack of ciggies it would def be an illegal substance :eek:

  • I have read Allen Carr's book and that makes most sense to me. Be pleased you've stopped killing yourself rather than bemoan what you think you may have lost.

    So tomorrow is going to be a good day for me not a sad one :)

    Cold turkey here I come :0

  • Hi Barrie.

    I read Alan Carrs book too and went "Cold Turkey". If the book makes sense to you, it's actually a huge help.

    The parts telling you not to talk yourself into having withdrawal symptons, and just remember that the only thing smoking will do is put nicotine back into your body to keep the circle going.

    You can do it!!

  • To be honest I've tried to quit loads of times on the patches and my level of irritation, anxiety, "I want a fagness" is the same as this time when I've gone cold turkey. Allen Carr makes so much sense to me as there are loads of reasons to stop smoking and no reasons to smoke (when he explains all that to you). We can do it, my dad quit cold turkey 7 years ago and he's still quit. If he can do it so can I.

  • Good luck with your quit Barrie

    It's been the best decision I have ever made.:D


  • Well done Barrie, I too quit for medical reasons and the thought that I would not let the fags kill me before my time.

    The health reason is a good motivator and if you focus on the recovery symtoms and the general feeling of improvement that quitting gives you lots to think about other than the smokes.

  • Well done, Barrie - what a great decision. You've already succeeded in the toughest part of the quit... the start of Day One!

    Keep reading and posting on here - it is a real support.

    Here's to not smoking :)

  • Good luck for today Barrie - absolutely everyone here will be wishing you well. Stay strong and take it a step at a time.

    Sue - Day 4 and very proud!

  • I wonder how many smoking counsellors actually smoked, I believe I haven't met one yet?

    Me neither Lisa. It's a case of if you've not been there and done it then they really don't have a clue what you're truly going through :mad:

  • No I've not seen this forum before and I hope it will help just knowing other people are doing right now rather than all the people who tell you they quit when Noah was a lad and its easy.

    Well not quite......but i did quit first time around when Noah was older as all me fags got wet!!!;)

    Oh......and welcome on board Barrie, you've made the two best decisions of your life.....quitting and joining this forum for support :-)

  • Well done Barrie you have made the best decision for yourself and your wife.

    IK quit for medical reasons too and if I want one I just imagine myself on an oxygen machine taking one breath of oxygen and one puff of a cigarette like my auntie did.

    Not for me!

    Lillie xx

  • Barrie

    Congrats on taking the firt step!

    I quit 7 weeks and 3 days ago, I cant comment on "Allan Carr" and all the NRT and other quit aid's, however I can comment on this forum.

    This forum played a HUGE role in helping me quit, in ALL my times of panic and need LOL I posted here and in the blink of an eye you have all the support and understanding you could EVER want.

    Use this forum (My first 2 or 3 weeks) i LIVED here!! secondly READ READ READ

    i found this very very helpful, once you undertand your addiction you are better equipped to cope with what "IT" is gonna through at you.

    In closing well done mate! and Stay Strong

  • Thanks All

    So far so good :-)

  • Fantastic - well done Barrie, keep going we're all rooting for you


  • My motivation has been given to me by my heart, just a gentle squeeze that says do you wish to smoke OR live.

    Its working for me so far, just so stupid that it took this to make me see what we all know all along .

  • I totally understand Barrie.

    I hope youre keeping strong and staying on your quit.

    Lillie x

  • Fell off the wagon yesterday :mad: no reason or excuses other than I'm still stupid. Stupid is ok though I guess it takes time to retrain yourself not to be stupid so new quit day as of tomorrow.

  • Hey, look back to my original Day 1...I did exactly the same. I just quit again as soon as I could so well done on not giving up on giving up. Don't be hard on yourself. XXX

    Lisa X

  • Good luck and remember to keep in touch on here!! Its fab having all this support


  • This time

    Having fallen off the wagon and got completely maudling about whats the point today I get good news from the doctor saying that there's every chance to get me off beta blockers and not to take statins providing I get off the fags. Can there be any greater incentive so as of tomorrow shove over you lot I'm jumping back on the wagon , and to quote Bruce Lee this time with feeling. Happy days:):)

  • Good for you Barrie

    don't stop trying


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