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Not a good night

Well i've made it to day 5 and I have got passed my 100 hours but i feel like crap. :(

Had a blinding headache all evening but it eventually eased off around bedtime. Went off to bed about midnight but was still awake at 4.30am!!! The more I couldn't sleep the more I thought about fags and I would have killed for one. :mad:

Eventually fell asleep then woke at 6.20am and much as I tried couldn't get back to sleep. This not sleeping has been getting worse and worse since I stopped.

Now I'm really grumpy and tired. It's so unfair cos when you're not sleeping it means more hours to fight the addiction.

I think last night was the closest I came to giving in..........but I didn't and I will stay strong and positive and I WILL do this.

Sorry for moaning :(

Carol x

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Moan all you like, we've all been there wanting anything more than to sleep so not thinking about cigarettes. You are doing so well keep with and come on here and moan at us anytime. Keeping thinking of the reasons you stoped in the first place.


here i am:)

hiya sorry works been busy this morn im here day 4 eating as mad but still not sorry u havent been felling well,its seems there ll be lots of ups and downs during withdrawal but pls dont give in! i think ur doing great and im sure tomorrow u ll be feeling good again.this is only temporary just think how good u gonna feel ALL THE TIME once u get it out of ur system.

And moan if u need to whatever u wanna do just dont reach for fags.

Keep going girl!:)



All oldies out there buy a turntable!!!!

I'm still going...............not feeling as bad as I did earlier.

Mainly cos I'm having a blast with my youngest son (17years old) Here's a good tip for any oldie out there..........just been to argos and bought a turntable :D Spending the afternoon listening to all my old vinyl and transfering it to my computer. This is just great I have gone back to being 17/18 and I even remember all the words!! My son is creasing himself. Hey it's taken my mind of fags apart from when I hear certain songs and get the vision of me leaning against the disco wall looking all sultry with fag in

I'm telling you.........all of you that have vinyl stuck in the back of a cupboard drag it out and go and buy a turntable with all the fag money you have saved and have a trip down memory lane.

Passenger glad you've made it into day 4-7 with me. Don't worry I'll stay here with you..............I will not give in, I'm too bloody stubborn :p


glad to hear to that:) that was bit before my time but glad u found something to kill time,i wa so hyper yesterday couldnt sit still/except when i was eating/ just to get rid of cravings xxx


How to show your age in one easy leason :)


The stuff they use on Blue Peter................think it's also known as sticky back plastic :D


It's in the oven as we speak.................made an extra big one as we have to keep passenger from being sick :D She'll probably have a few slices :p

Carol xx



Any chance you can send some down south for me also???



Might be a bit stale by the time it gets there but of course I can.........that is if passenger hasn't eaten it all :D

If we all get fat together then nobody feels bad..............then we can all join a diet forum and help each other lose weight :D

Carol xx


Don't need to with all the cleaning, dancing, singing and typing. Just about enough exercise for one afternoon.




I know I'm knackered.................if I don't sleep tonight there is something far wrong :D

Carol xx


well done so far, day 5 was a tricky one for me...

it does get soo EASIER the longer you stop!

keep going!





Hi Carol :D

Sorry to hear you're not sleeping and getting headaches also feeling grumpy but this is all normal early in a quit and it will pass Promise as are thoughts of fags but you know i'm sure that having one really wouldn't help at all and will only make you feel worse as then you'd be mad with yourself for that


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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