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Day 13 - I had a breakdown last night :O(

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Wow. I thought it was going so well and then BAM! last night I turned into a psycho bitch!! Was cooking tea for me and hubby and I don't even know what triggered it, but he said something I didnt like the sound of, and I picked up the pan of mince and just poured it all over the floor, then proceeded to scream and shout and cry like a 7 year old brat!

This went on all night......

This morning I'm feeling very silly and full of apologies, but am also feeling so depressed. I didnt give into temptation. I'm still smoke free, but man do I really want a fag now!! I know that if I had one, I'd feel so much better, but at the same time, I'm not going to do it, cos the disappointment I'd feel would be so much worse.

How long is this feeling of despair going to last? it's horrible :O(

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Hi :)

That may be your worst outburst over and done with ... I hope so but not as much as you or your OH hope for :)

I recall wanting to stick my OH completely in the oven just for opening the oven door and checking my dinner, in my oven, in my kitchen ... etc etc.

I disagree with your comment about feeling better if you had a smoke right now. You 'think' you'd feel better but you'd feel just the opposite most likely. Your almost at two weeks and that for some folk is close enough to be feeling the 'terrible 3s' effects.

If you've not already come across the terrible threes, then read the link in my sig relating to them.

Keep with it ... you've got passed a number of hurdles already. Don't let any bring you down.

All the best with your tea/dinner tonight and getting your nearest and dearest on side.

All the best

Pol x

I've thrown many a hissy fit during my early quit weeks Sammy especially near 3 weeks in, you ever seen a grown man kicking shit out of the garden shed whilst screaming like a banshee just because he couldn't/wouldn't have a ciggie?:eek:

Neighbours thought i'd gone psycho, even the dog did a runner :rolleyes:

I've despaired so many times and actually cried tears of frustration BUT i'm now 3 months into my quit and i really don't give a toss about ciggies, yes i still get the odd craves (and feelings of missing something) especially when bored or when they sneak up on me but i can handle the little blighters now without turning into some kind of crazed mutant.

You'll get there Sammy, honestly, but your Hubby needs to keep his trainers on his feet so as he can run like the wind when you next turn into a raving lunatic ;):D

Can I suggest a takeaway tonight :D

Well done for not smoking though, that is brilliant news

Yep. I threw the dinner at the wall one night near the beginning of my quit! Well done for not smoking! A massive pat on the back for you!! I too suggest a take out though for later!!

x3 on take-away tonight...and pre-warn delivery driver just in case ;)

Do have a read at the 'terrible 3's' link as Pol suggests...but then also read around this Forum and other links.

Oh God.

This sounds scarey.

I thought i was over the worst now.

I still have all this to look forward to? :confused:

Oh God.

This sounds scarey.

I thought i was over the worst now.

I still have all this to look forward to? :confused:

Hi Karen

I'm on 9 weeks now and haven't had this. I've had periods of feeling cross and out of sorts but no major blow outs.

Karri's right, each quit is different!

Best of luck!

today is day 13 for me and yesterday i came on here and got some good advice and encouragement that helped me through the rest of the day but i can relate to the bad moods if it had not been for having my grand daughter yesterday god knows what my husband would have got over his head lol,but i am sure we can get through this and i am hoping another week over and this awful feeling will start to go,so good luck everyone and lets keep going,


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