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Still feel Bad on week 3

Anyone else felt bad at week 3, still got a cold sore on side of mouth, been there for nearly 2 weeks. Also anyone had there thighs aching, mine have from week 1 of stopping, and now getting spots on my neck and back,

I hope these are all normal things that are happening, and I am sure some other people have had similar problems.

The sleeping thing has subsided now, as I am only sleeping when I finish work, before could sleep day and night, so at least something is improving.

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Don't know about the aching thighs but the rest is normal. Week three seems to be bad for some. Some say all the threes are bad but I'm not too sure about that. Well done. Soon be a month:D


There are alot of side effects to stopping smoking some are worse then others and everyone is different :(

Just try and focus on the fact that you have gotton to week 3 and remember that they will fade and you will start to see more positive improvements at least your sleeping has improved which is a big plus :)

i found that not having to use an steriod inhaler anymore was one of the biggest especially from october time till march as i was forever having horrible chest infections :eek: but still refused to ignore the signs :confused:

and as Una said your not far away from a month of quitting

it does improve the further along the quit journey you go honest

onwards and upwards is the way to go




Thanks Una & Carol

Thanks for the replies, it is good to know what other people go through, and has helped me no end, when I have read about some of the symptoms of quitting, as I would never have believed it otherwise.

I am so pleased I have stopped and got to the end of week 3, as I have smoked 20+ a day for the past 30 years.

I have also had some pain in my left kidney, but this comes and goes, and I think that this is down to withdrawl of all the nasty stuff from my body, as it has only started since I quit.

My concentration has come back, as the first 2 weeks, life felt as though it was not worth it, the depression, the feeling of guilt, the feeling of why the hell am I here, these feelings have now gone, and at last I have been able to concentrate on work again, as the last 2 weeks, I have been like a zombie.

Also, I now go for a 5 mile walk every sunday just to feel better, and also eating more healthy foods, like fruit, and museli, if I was to tell anyone about this they would think I have gone crazy, as I loved all the bad things for you like pies, more pies, beefburgers, cream buns, etc etc, now eating other stuff, and must admit that since stopping I have had the best number 2's ever since I can remember and everyone is good, not like when I smoked, be lucky to have one good one a week, most were loose, the ones I got now are like torpedos, sorry to bring this up, but I think it is relevant.


Congratulations on your pristine number 2s!!! Your body must be in a state of disbelief given the dramatic changes you have made - quitting, diet, exercise!

This is all incredibly positive stuff - very well done. :D



Sounds exactly like my story too. First couple of weeks felt like hell, questioning my own life and oh the guilt of smoking for 20 years.

Even my poos started regulating think this was because once I stopped I had to have 3 regular meals a day as opposed to maybe one main meal and snacking. More food in is gonna impact what is coming out I reckon. Being aware of this I made healthier choices as well which I'm sure makes the poo more satisfying :p

I actively took up running, mainly to lift me out the depressive ness of the first two weeks...I still do have little sad moments but nothing like the crap I went through the first weeks or even the first month... The good days are definitely getting more and the down days are starting to fade into just regular bad days we all have... Rather than questioning my whole life in endless circles....

Chin up and keep at it... As far as I can see it get's easier and easier providing you just keep plodding on.



It's strange how the body heals, all relevant as far as I'm concerned. It's not all just about breathing easier, there are all sorts of other effects of healing too, sleep is one that is mentioned a lot so it shouldn't be surprised that the digestive system improves......things settled down for me in general after about 30 days so hopefully this will be similar for you Krijn :)


I had a cold sore that hung around at the beginning of my quit and I found the first 3 weeks the worst. After that things just slowly started to get better and better. I know it wont seem like it to you but there are probably already small improvements you just haven't noticed them. Stick with it it is so worth it and you will soon be reaping the benefits I promise:)



Well done, almost a month:). Quite a high percentage of us on this Forum not only quit the cigs, but also re-adjust our lifestyle, for the better. Win, win:)

Fi x


thanks everyone

Just wanted to thank everyone for help and support, finding week 3 very hard, and the cravings this week have been terrible, but so far not gone to the shop to get the dastardly packet.

My face still has blotchy red days, and the cold sore still hanging about, just hope things improve or I maybe have to give in and let the bloody things win.

The waking up three times a night. then needing to sleep during the day, more like a coma, then aching thighs, and occasional pain in the kidneys, which comes and goes.

It is all my fault 30 years of putting that horrible weed inside me, felt good whilst doing it, and never really had any days of work in 30 years, but now could give up work for good and just lay down and feel sorry for myself.

Anyway weekend here, so another lay on the sofa sleeping until monday, it has got to get better, I can only hope


It will get better. Week three is horrible but it is only a week:) I was in a coma for about 3 weeks. I didn't mind that at all as I'm retired anyway. Don't give up now. It will be worth it in the end.


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