Day 4. Nearly caved last night

If i was going to start smoking again it would have been last night. :( I had a row with my OH where he ended up storming off taking his indiian take-away home with him!!! I then polished off a bottle of wine, got very depressed and was so so so close to smoking.

The thing that stopped me was my (drunk)will power. I figured he'd probably crumble and hit the fags so no way will i. :cool: Also i don't want to go through another 3 day of nicotine clear out.

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  • Apart from the awful evening i am really glad to have made it to day 4 ct.

    Less cravings today and another smokefree day i hope. I can do things with the children without feeling guilty. :D

  • well done for not giving in fallen angel:D Yesterday was a difficult one but we can do it!

  • OMG well done you are so brave - that must be one of the most tempting situations you will face - drunk, angry etc- if u can get through that u can get through anything - WELL DONE!!!

    Day 4 for me too wooohoooo!!


  • Well done Fallen Angel. It's so easy to slip and pick up the cigarettes, but then you have to start this all over again!

    Stay strong

  • Oh that's some willpower! Well done, you are my hero!! :)

  • Well done for fighting the stress and not smoking. Strange how the stressful episodes always seem to happen on day 4.

  • Thanks :)

    I would of been angry at myself if i did lapse last night, so glad i didn't. ;)

  • Good for you in reaching day 4 after a massive crave. And equally good for you for being on the internet at 7.30 in the morning after a bottle of wine!

    I bet today you feel massively proud of yourself and your achievement. Hope you patch things up with the OH.

    Good for you, I bet you don't stop smiling about it all day.


  • Just wanted to add my congrats to all the above, you got through a difficult situation well, and that is worth celebrating, hope you have a wonderful day with the kids.

  • Morning Angel,

    Well done to you hunny, keep it going dont give in ( they tell me it gets easier)


  • Well done ;) Ifind on stress ,it is hard and i just reach for the cig .

    Hope you make it up with OH .

  • No i won't reach for the cig's. :cool: I just need to feel better and for these headaches to go. I'm feeling quite depressed now. :(

    The OH is now non existent in my moody life.

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