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made it to day 8 by the skin of my teeth

I'm sooooo glad to be in week 2, but it so nearly went hideously wrong yesterday. I did actually buy some fags and lighter, opened the packet and put i cig in my my mouth, went to light it and then just screamed, baged the steering wheel and threw them out the window - feel bad for littering too :(

I had a whole converstation with myself (or maybe my demon) before i bought them it went a bit like this (only longer)

My Demon: "I want a fag, i want a fag, i want a fag"

Me: "No you don't, the champix will stop you getting anything from it so what's the point"

My Demon: "Then just buy some fags and the Champix will stop you wanting more tomorrow"

Me: "What's the point, it will be awful and you won't be in week 2 tomorrow you'll be back on day 1"

My Demon: "Who will know?"

Me: "Only i will know"

My Demon: "go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, Just one more"

Me: "F*ck it"

It was too close for comfort, but it did teach me something, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU IDIOT!!!!

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Hi Kitty :),

That 'conversation' is so so familiar :(. I think we all have those at times. Well done on rejecting the voice telling you to light up although it was a very close call :eek:. This quitting business isn't easy but it's so worth it in the end.

Had you succumbed you'd only have had temporary relief before you'd have to smoke again, and again, and again... Do you really want to go back to that? Not to mention increasing your risk of smoking-related diseases and stinking like an old ashtray. I don't mean to come on like some converted ex-smoker but these are the facts!!

Stay strong Kitty and you *can* do this!!

Ed xx


Thanks Ed, I'm sure it won't be the last conversation like that i have myself, but it is the last time i do anything about it ;)


A close call but well done for not lighting up - extra cudos (kudos?) must go to you for saying no after you had bought the packet, opened it AND put a fag to your lips....would have loved to have witnessed that as a passer-by though, someone sat in their car screaming and throwing things out of the window in a rage!! ;)

Like Captain Crunch says, that convo sounds soooo familiar, esp the 'only i will ever need to know' bit. But my thought path now is always 'who are you quitting for? No-one else but yourself, so you'll be letting yourself down if you spark up'

Keep positive and keep this occassion in your mind whenever that bar-steward demon rears it ugly, smelly, wrinkley head again.



would have loved to have witnessed that as a passer-by though, someone sat in their car screaming and throwing things out of the window in a rage!! ;)

LOL Jenni!!! :D.

Love it!!!

Ed xx


That sounds so like me the last time I 'stopped' I got into the habit of driving to the next village, buying 10, hiding in a back road and smoking one, then throwing the pack of 9 into the field of cows.

I did that for about 3 weeks, poor cows, I wonder if they have managed to stop ;)


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