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Made my mind up to quit

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Hi all,

My partner quit smoking about 3 months ago, no help at all he just decided at tea time one day he didn't want to smoke and hasn't since.

I on the other hand am still smoking however today I realised that...

A) I don't like smoking now

B) It blooming well stinks

c) I don't like standing outside on my own on a night

So I am going to a stop smoking clinic tonight to register for Champix. I have to say I have read up on it and see that there is a lot of side effects, this has worried me however I am willing to give it a god as the longest I have ever managed to quit for in the past is 2 weeks with the aid of patches. I have tried them all, patches, lozengers, inhalor to no effect.

So I will keep you updated I should hopefully start my course next week all being good!! :D

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Welcome to the site and good for you making the decision to stop smoking.

Champix can have side effects for some people and for others they have none. It is very individual so please don't have any pre-conceptions about it.

Only one that seems to be across the board is if you don't eat before taking them is they do make you feel very sick. So make sure you eat before them.

You will find lots of advice and support on here.

Hope it all goes well tonight!


Hi Shashwoo and WELCOME!!

Congratulations on making the first and probably the hardest step ie: deciding you wanna quit. As you will see on this forum, everyone is a different levels but we all have a common goal and that is that we either wanna quit or have quit and that we all support eachother through the good times and the hellish times.

Let us know how you get on tonight - will be routing for you!!


Thanks for the welcome and support :D

I have read a lot into Champix and know that while there are side effects not all people suffer from them and as you say taking the tablet with food should help. I have pretty vivid dreams as a norm anyhoo so I am not going to worry about that too much.

Not worrying about putting on weight I am actualyl gonig to welcome it with open arms as I am always told I need to put on weight.

I will however rely heavily on support so you have all bee warned :)

i'll let you know how tonight goes :rolleyes:

Hi Shashwoo

Welcome to the board, but i must add your nickname is very similar to my real name lol well similar to what my hubby calls me :D

Good luck tonight, dont forget to come back and let us know he it went.

Snowie xx

Good luck with ur decission m8! It is very easy to quit smoking as long as it isnt ur only joy in life!

Hi Shashwoo,

Well done for making the decision to be free from smoking and gain back control of your life.

Best of luck for tonight. Don't forget to update us.


Hi Shashwoo

Hope things went ok tonight ..cant comment on how effective champix is as went cold turkey myself .. I just only hope it works for you ..the advantage you have is the support of your partner who has managed to stop smoking !!! cold turkey I assume ... It isnt easy Shashwoo you gotta be strong, if anything look at each morning and say to yourself.... I WILL NOT SMOKE TODAY.... and take each day at a time...

This forum really helps !! if you feel down or its getting to you.. come on here have a rant on how you feel does help honest ...I have been strong for the last 7 weeks and it has helped me to keep me strong and smoke free...

I hope you can keep it going ......

good luck and let us know how you are doing :)


Hi all,

I know it has been a couple of months since my post however I haven't forgotten about any of you and your kind support :D:D

I did go to the clinic and they gave me the forms I needed to send to my Dr's to make sure i was ok to take Champix.

I sent of the form and waited and waited and waited and today I got the call I have been waiting for telling me that I have been accepted to go on Champix and to book my appointment for my 1st perscription.

I have to go on Monday night after work and I am a bit nervous about it however more positive than anything.

I have already cut down on my smoking, I hardly smoke now on a night and have cut out one of my 'At work' ciggys.

Anyhoo... by this time next week I will be a Champix girl and looking forward to a life without smoking :) :)

Shashwoo x

Welcome Sash. This is THE best place to vent your feelings, it has helped me so much to read and post on here when it gets tough. The support is amazing. And you really know that everybody here feels your pain!

99 % of this battle is in your head, however you choose to quit. If you're mentally prepared and you really want this, you'll do fine. Reading on the subject does help you to stay focused.

So much to look forward to. One day at a time! Best of luck,

Helen x

Hi all,

Ok so I went to the stop smoking clinic on Monday night and got my perscription for Champix. I had decided to go get the tablets on Tuesday after work however the chemist said they have gone though so many of them that they had to order more in.

Fingers crossed though that I pick up my tablets tonight and start them tomorrow *Bites Nails*


Hiya Shashwoo

Good luck on your quitting journey. Champix can have nasty side effects for some, they did me. I think when I took the champix I was slightly naive I thought it was a magic cure.

I've since realised that champix along with other NRTs are just quitting aids and the key to any successful quit is as another forum member put it 'mental realignment'. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's all in the mind, what I'm saying is the key to beating the addiction is to read and educate yourself about the nicotine addiction and quitting.

Champix will most probably help you a lot - it has helped a lot of guys and gals on here, however it is not a magic cure. :)

Sorry if that is a bit pessimistic before you even start, I just wanted to try & give you a helping hand from the start so you can prepare.

Good luck on your journey, quitting smoking will be one of the if not the most rewarding thing you can ever do for yourself.

All the best

Tinks xx :)

Yeah I've read a lot of mixed reviews about them however I have come to the decision that I can only try and if they work then great and if the side effects are too much I will stop them and go back to a different method.

I see you are a January quitter too :) hopefully I will be in the Jan group of quitters :)

Thanks for all the support & hopefully you will see more and more posts from me as the days go on

Shashwoo x

I think most problems are when peeps go on the higher dose, they feel sick, however food before taking the tablet usually helps with that.

Dreams were another one although they were very vivd and at times very good :rolleyes:

Yep, I'm a January quitter - I was a October 09 quitter, Jan 10 quitter, August 10 quitter and now Jan 11 quitter. Longest I last was 3 - 4 months, this time though I will remain a Jan 11 quitter as I feel 'different' and just know that a life without smoking is a zillion times better than a life with smokes. :)

I'm sure you'll be in the January group ;)

Look forward to reading your posts as you celebrate your milestones in the forum xx

Well I am on day 5 on Champix and although I am still smoking I am starting to feel the effects to the tablets.

My cigarettes are starting to taste funny and I they are making me feel sick. I am also cutting down on the amount that I smoke so although I am still smoking I see this as a real breakthrough! :D

Come on guys & gals, we can do this!!!

Don't forget why you gave up. On my day one, I wrote these while on a flight, so that I wouldn't forget on day 13 (or day 130) exactly what was in my head on day one, and precisely why I gave up. I keep it on my screen the whole time, and look at it often - it's useful for me, and maybe for you?

I've gone on to Champix (a bit late in the day since you're supposed to start a week before quitting), and I'd give it 9 out of 10. It certainly seems to reduce the craving, and for me the only side effects are insomnia and weird dreams. (Actually very nice weird dreams!). So for me, definitely worth it.



Why did I stop smoking? Because I do not want to smoke any more.

1. What do you want to be: a smoker or a non-smoker? There’s only one or the other.

2. There is no such thing as just one cigarette

3. Smokers envy non-smokers

4. I stopped smoking because I do not want to smoke any more;

5. I will not start to smoke again, because I do not ever want to become a smoker again

6. “Smokers never have coughs, they just have permanent colds and headaches”

7. If you’re miserable because you want a cigarette, you’ll be even more miserable if you have one;

8. You know stopping smoking was the correct decision, so never doubt it;

9. The body doesn’t crave nicotine – only the brain;

10. Nicotine addiction is easy to overcome; much harder is 40 years of brain conditioning that tells you “smoking makes you feel good”, so start conditioning and convincing the brain that the opposite is true at every chance; BE CONVINCED

11. Every day without a cigarette makes it better

12. When you stop smoking, you are not making a sacrifice – the opposite;

13. Be convinced – isn’t it wonderful that I don’t smoke any more?

14. Don’t think negatively “I’m not allowed to smoke”. You’re not denying yourself anything good; be positive, congratulate yourself – thank god I don’t smoke - and see 4 above;

15. Why spend the rest of your like craving for a cigarette and being miserable? If you do that, you’ll be miserable if you don’t smoke, and even more miserable if you do.

16. Why spend the rest of your life craving for something that you desperately hope you will never have?

17. Never doubt the decision to quit – you know it was the right decision

18. When you see a smoker, pity them, don’t envy them;

19. You haven’t “given up something good” – you’ve saved yourself from a disease

20. Be a happy non-smoker.

21. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re suffering or being tempted. In 5 minutes you’ll be fine – even better because you resisted – and you can carry on being a happy and stronger non smoker. The alternative should be too awful to contemplate. If you start smoking again, then for the rest of your life you’ll go on suffering the distress of knowing you’re too weak to give up;

22. Remember there was no real pleasure in smoking, just temporarily getting rid of the craving. Having to smoke was often a drag. Remember having to stand outside in the rain at the party? Or having to run out of a meeting for a quick gasp and returning later, stinking?

23. Don’t envy other smokers. They envy me.

24. You did not enjoy being a smoker. That’s why you stopped smoking. Just enjoy being a non-smoker.

25. You know that stopping smoking was the right decision.

26. Who’s the boss????????????????

I quit, I am done!

Ok, so I've been reading a lot on here and I also jsut been for my break at work and lit up a cigarette only to not enjoy it and I threw over half away.

I've had enough, if the amount of people on here can do it so can I, forget my day 10 this is day 5 of the Champix and I've smoked 2&1/2 cigarettes so far and no more!!

It's probably going to be hard but I know it will be worth it in the end!!!

Do you know it feels so good to type and say I have quit!!! :D:D

Shaz x

Excellent Shaz, you're not a quitter you're now a non-smoker :D

Really pleased you've said enough is enough, it's when you can get to that point mentally that you're more likely to succeed as you've got the right mental attitude.

Don't look back, look forward, fight the good fight, we're all with you fighting the same battle.

I've made it past Dinner time! :)

That is an acheivement in its self, 1 hour at a time I am taking this and to go out onto my work break with the smokers and not smoke is blooming great for me!

P.s Thank you all for the support!

Shaz x

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