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Gritting my teeth here

Officially day seven. Struggling, I've got that desire to feel something hit the back of my throat like a cig used to. Gritting my teeth here and I'm not just saying that. My jaw is clamped shut.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

I want to go out the back door and have a cig something rotten.

Please, somebody tell me this doesn't last for the rest of life.

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hang in there bud - change of scenery - do something / anything - just hang in there :-/


Hi Looper I promise it doesnt last and it will soon become second nature to you, make sure that you keep hydrated as not drinking enough can make you feel really sh1te LOL but also up your vits and bananas they boost certain chemicals in the brain and that raises the endorphines.

I hope you start to feel better soon but keep using the forum it really helps and will boost your quit.


You can get through it. And yes it does get easier - I have whole days now where cigs do not even cross my mind. And when they do it is more 'could have a cig now' rather than 'if I dont have a cig now people will die' feeling.

Stay strong it will get better. And if you do have a cig, sooner or later you will want to quit again, and just have to go through the severe cravings again, much better to just stay quit and watch the cravings get less and less


Hang in there Looper!! This quitting business is definitely up and down. I promise you that the downs get fewer and fewer and they get less intense. I won't promise you that they'll ever really disappear, but they become vague thoughts in time.

Unfortunately we're addicts and always will be :(. That's why NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) is so important. Just one drag even after many years of quitting will significantly increase your chances of smoking at the same level or even higher than before!! Do anything you can to stop yourself taking that first drag.

Good luck!!

Ed xx


You must all think I'm nuts. One minute I'm posting encouragement to others and in this state of euphoria, the next minute I feel like I'm Gollum - curled up, bitter, mad and just wanting 'my precious'.

It's weird.

Ok, I went and got the back scratcher and prized the toy cars that had got stuck behind my radiators. It was hard work and a bit of a Mensa type challenge.

I've unclenched jaw long enough to have a banana and a drink of water (thinking about it I have been forgetting to drink).

Trying to take some comfort from the fact you guys say it will fade. I can not tell you how much I hope that is true. I don't think I could hold out forever if I felt like this all the time.

Thanks guys so much, it hit me like a tonne of bricks - can't describe it, it's like a strange mouth/throat feeling...a longing. It's horrible.


Hi Loop

Dont give in, as the others have said it will pass and it will get less and less but always be on your guard.

Im just over a month in and YUP i still get the odd thought and sometimes it can come quite strongely but i just find something else to do and try and keep my mind busy with other things.

Make sure you have some good multi vits and as mentioned plenty of water. You can get through this and before you know it the days, week and months would have flown by and you will be here telling other newbies the same.

Just dont give in :eek:

Good luck and keep strong :)


It will fade, and it really does get easier. Just hang in there, and count off the hours/days/ weeks. You've come this far, which is an awesome acheivement. I'm coming up to week 6 now and days pass by without even thinking about smoking, it's brilliant, and in a while that's how you'll feel, hang in there ;)


its only natural to get the evil craving after all we are all addicts a really good friend of mine when i told her i was stopping smoking and what i was taking to help said she wished there was help for chocolate addicts as she is a big one of them and cant go long without reaching for a bar

just remember to take each craving at a time it will pass

i just think of a craving like a kid having a temper tantrum if i ignore them it will soon dawn on them that they arnt getting the attention they want so will just go do something else

regards carol


i just think of a craving like a kid having a temper tantrum if i ignore them it will soon dawn on them that they arnt getting the attention they want so will just go do something else

Great an-alogy Carol!! I really like that. Thank you :).

Ed xx

The profanity filter won't allow '****ogy' :mad:.


Totally understand the desire to have the smoke hit the back of your throat... but picture that smoke hitting it and then not leaving, but permeating into your skin, all of the disgusting tar seeping into your cells and staying there... festering.

Doesn't sound so appealing now, does it? Picture what the smoke is actually doing to you if you ever think you want a cigarette... it will make you think again! I know it works for me...

It really does get easier :) Hang in there


Hi Looper

Hope your feeling a bit better now. Just wanted to remind you of your post to me last night.

As you said, giving in won't change anything anyway - other than make you feel worse. My own personal reason that helps me not give in is exactly what Droid said... I'm not going through this ever again and if I smoke just one fag I have to start from the beginning. No friggin way am I putting myself through this again!

Keep thinking that when you need a fag, it helps me so maybe it'll help you too.

Coming on here last night when I was at my most stressed, really helped me. Just listen to the advice your given and i know you'll do fine.

Chin up, we'll get there xx


eww, but I like that Sofia :D

Looper, I promise it dpes get easier. One of the year plus' put it best and it's where I am at now.

I no longer get the 'I could slither naked through broken glass for just one puff' type cravings now, more the I could smoke now but meh, I don't smoke, so I won't.

The last couple of days have been a bit crap on me for cravings. Bit stonger than normal so have gone to my fall back plan of ginger biscuits and gassey mints (sugarfree humbugs, work for cravings but have unfortunate side effects lol) I would like to say althoug having a tough couple of days its my first 'real' craving in over a week

When you get past this you will feel so great and the next time the cravings come along you will be better prepared to kick their butt :D



Day 7 was my worst day by far, not the 1-3 as expected, Day 8 was pretty bad too, but On Day 9 it's just seems all a bit easier, a bit brighter.

if you want something on the back of your throat, stick a load of vicks into a bowl of boling water, that'll get ya :D


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