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WooHoo..End of Day 5


It's nearly the end of day 5 for me and I went to see my quit nurse earlier. CM reading of a big fat zero!! :) Been sick and feeling very off for the last few days but I think that's more to do with the dodgy chinese I had the other night rather than the Champix or the withdrawal.

Being a Friday night, I would normally be in the pub by now but I don't fancy a drink at all. Also wouldn't want to risk being round all the smokers. Keep getting a nasty whiff of stale smoke but can't find where it's coming from, think I'm going to go on a cleaning splurge tomorrow.

Anyway, apart from a few nasty craves especially after dinner and 1st thing in the morning, I'm happy with my progress and feeling quite proud of myself :D

Thanks everyone for all your support and inspiration so far.

Rachel xx

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and so you should :)

well done for doing so well going to the pub is def going to be a big step i know when i went last week i thought it was going to be really hard but as long as you let all your friends that you drink with that your not a smoker anymore im sure you will get plenty of support

just dont go outside yet with them you will soon smell them when they come back inside :eek:

i know when i have given hugs to smokie friends that they stink which isnt a very nice smell

ive not said anything as after all each to there own at the end of the day

what plans have you got for the weekend?

regards carol


Well done hun!

Avoiding smoking people and smokey places is a good idea in these early days, I couldn't be around anyone smoking a couple of weeks ago without wanting to ask for a drag :rolleyes: But I'm getting more comfortable with it now.

Well done with getting a zero on the carbon manoxide reader, that's ace! Those after food cravings soon go hun, so keep at it, it gets lots easier :D


Thanks Carol & Karen

Think I'm going to try to rediscover my love of cooking this weekend, rather than hiding in the kitchen having a fag. And I've seen more of my family this week than I have in ages, as I'm staying in the lounge with them rather than sneaking off :o


Well done on Day 5 and now that i post on here its day 6. Your doing so well hun, keep up the good work.

I love cooking now as i can smell everything properly, mind u some things dont taste the same now and i try things with caution just in case.

Enjoy your smokefree weekend.



Well done Rachel, keep it up:)


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