No Smoking Day

Almost at the end of day 5!

Hello everyone:)

This is my first post on here and I've almost completed day 5!!

I am using NRT patches and it's all been plain sailing so far. I've not had any cravings just some routine niggles e.g. just eaten tea so it's time for a cig....Oh no I can't coz I've given up....and that's as bad as it's got.

Even before I put a patch on in the morning I'm not craving so I'm wondering whether I really need the patches and yet I'm scared to leave them off:confused: My job is really stressful and I've been calmer than ever at work!! my colleague even asked to borrow my patch this afternoon because I was more chilled than her:)

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Welcome to the forum Katy!

Sounds like you are doing really well. People on NRT usually still crave but you seem to have found that most of it is psychological and seem not to be suffering from it. A rare thing you are lucky!

You could try leaving the patch off it seems like you may do just as well without, but equally you can put it on later if you cant cope without!

Best wishes



Hiya Nic,

Thanks for the reply. I may try and go "patchless" on Saturday when I don't have to go to work. Like you say I can always put a patch on if I feel that I need it.

This is my 3rd attempt to give up and it has to work this time as I'm not getting any younger:rolleyes:



Hi Katy

Welcome hun and well done on getting to day 5 :) Sounds like you are doing really well.

Keep it up hun




I'm not getting any younger

None of us are, but having quit I do feel a wee bit less old!



Hi Katy

Congratulations!!! Day 5 was THE worst for me. I'm on Day 7 now like Denise66 and its got a bit easier actually. I've got an inhalator but Im getting a bit fed up of the taste and tingling tongue. I'm from Bury originally. How is sunny Bolton? You cant get a decent pie over here in West Yorkshire. Keep up the good work!! xx


Thank you everyone for your support:)

Jim, I like the idea of cutting the patches down. Denise, Hi:) and Joanne, Bolton is anything but sunny but I'll nip to the pastie shop on Chutchgate and eat a pie for you if you want:D

Katy x


Thanks Katy- At least I'm craving pies now instead of cigarettes!! Well for a bit anyway.


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