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Omg Day 4 Woohoo!!!!!!!

Im so happy today, yesturday was hell, but the interview went good, could be getting the job apparently lol... may find out today hehe.

Im slowing down on the polo's now, else my teeth will drop out lol.

Probably was a bad idea goin pub last night, nearly gave in but dint i stayed strong and thought...if i give in now, id have to go back to day 1 and ill get told off by people here hehe.

but going strong and feeling very confident that today will be a breeze :) i feel the craving for having something in my hand is finally subsiding, its just the nicotine now lol.

i go on holiday in a week, that'll be a test and a half lol. Thanks for all your support its really helped me keep going

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Well done with the interview!! GOOD LUCK!

Well done for staying of the fags on a night out too!

No mistake if you manged it!

the holiday will be great!

A real reward for your hard work and you'll enjoy it more smoke free :D

~Buffy x x


i will say its nice to know when we are in the club on holiday i wont have to go outside in whatever weather to have a fag, it'll be great and most of all i wont smell lol.

My partner is doin great as well, still smoke free too, we are having loads of rows though which is funny, cause they are over bugger all and we just laugh afterwards.


:D hehehe it's good to laugh :p

Tough quitting together but great for you both support wise.

No one wants to be the first to back down !!

~Buffy x x


hehe i know, we both think the others gunna fail first. so hopefully with that in our heads we will continue.. Plus he's gotta beat me this time as i beat him last time hehe, and i aint stopping, its nice to taste things better


hehehehehehe :p

You go girl :D

~Buffy x x


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