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Woohoo...3 more hours until 5 full days smoke free

Hi all, i've only just found this forum and its really good to be able to read though other peoples quitting experiences.

I had my last cigarette at 3pm on 28th December following my doctor scaring the life out of me. Since September i've been really wheezy and have been waking several times a night coughing and tight i've pretty much had 3 months of not enough sleep. I went to the doctors assuming the "mild" asthma I have always had was playing up (probably due to an allergy, as I had allergy symptoms too) only to be told it could be COPD.

I've had a lung function test the other day, and fingers crossed as the nurse said the results are showing up as normal and that they improved after i'd had an asthma treatment. But I have to wait until 17th January to see my doctor for the official results.

Anyway, day 5 almost completed and i'm actually feeling pretty good much better than I thought I would. I aready feel like i'm breathing tons better, and the last two nights I haven't woken up coughing.

I'm a little worried that I'm on a bit of a cloud at the moment, as I have not really experienced any major cravings or had a difficult I'm not sure if there's a really bad day waiting to hit me like a brick or something. I guess it just take it a day (or an hour) at a time, and keep going until the time that not smoking becomes normal.

Well done and good luck to everyone on here with their quitting, keep it going and don't give up!


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Well done Jen for choosing to quit. Glad to hear that the lungs are already improving, keep us up to date on how quitting is benefitting you.

You sound really positive, which bodes well. Don't worry if it's going relatively easily for you at the moment! If you hit a bad patch, then you will, otherwise you won't! There is no way of knowing, as everyone seems to have different experiences at different times during their quit.

Nearly 5 days done, that's a great start, well done. :)


Well done Jen

Best decision you have ever made! :)

As Biggrin says, you seem really positive ... that's half the battle right there.

Like you said, just keep taking baby steps and you'll be flying soon :D

Wishing you all the strength in the world for your quit.

Take care



Hi thanks for the replies. I am still feeling pretty positive and not too bad at all, I'm just focusing on the improvement in my breathing already after only such a short time. Plus, like you've said small steps at a time. I do think at certain times I could do with a smoke but it doesn't last very long and if I cave in now, i'm just gonna go back to coughing and wheezing which I definitely don't want.

I guess I have a bit of a test today as I have to visit my dad who is quite a heavy smoker. But I will just have to deal with it as there's no point thinking I can avoid people who are smoking - if I do i'm never going to leave the house.

Oh well, I guess I better get on and get the visit over with. Thank you for your support.

Take care



I do think at certain times I could do with a smoke but it doesn't last very long and if I cave in now, i'm just gonna go back to coughing and wheezing which I definitely don't want.

Sorry to be morbid, but coughing and wheezing, as bad as they are, are not the worse effects of going back to smoking.

Be careful with these weasely "it's ok to smoke" thoughts. We all get them. Despite the fact that they can be appealing in a mindless sort of way, they are always false. Remember: any thought like "it's OK to smoke" or "I could do with a smoke" is a lie.


Hi Biggrin/Max

Thanks for the replies.

I know the coughing and wheezing are not the worse things about caving and going back to smoking, though at the moment though i'm focusing on the fact that i'm not waking up coughing/wheezing anymore - after so long of not sleeping properly due to this, its a relief to get a full nights sleep already.

I'm still going strong, though returning to work this week made things a little harder but I still feel ok considering. It's the behaviour that needs to be cracked now, so I just try not to think about smoking and I have swapped my fag break for a walk around the building (if I really feel I need to get away from work for 5 mins).

Max: Well done, stay strong.... It's almost two weeks already :D


Well done Jen on getting to 5 days quit! That is awesome! You have definitely done the best thing for your future health and hopefully the diagnosis will not be COPD.It sounds like your have seen an improvement


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