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Is it illeagal to throttel your child????

...course it is, i do know that, but cor blimey i didn't half feel like it about 10 minutes ago. Daughter, 11 (going on 15), sigh.

Just wanted to have a quick rant, cos although it has crossed my mind alot over the last few days, just then i really really felt i could've caved.

So thought i'd fill that time with my first post instead, although having been avidly reading other posts for about a week.... And it is sooooo helpful

Am on Day 3, have been using Champix, my first CM reading was 60!!!!! apparently is V.V.V.V bad. so am very much looking forward to Monday and a lower reading with what will hopefully be 6 days of no smoking.

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Hi Kittykat, who said it was:??????????? I’m sure it’s not so long as you can prove that they were being so aggravating that they were jeopardising your quit.

What’s more important your quit or your 11 year old daughter, no contest, IS THERE.

Well done on your staying smoke free, you are doing so well and Im sure that she is not really that bad just that you are feeling a little tetchy.


Thanks :)

you're right....and deep down i know it wouldn't have changed anything anyway, apart from made me feel like i'd failed......Think i'm having a monent of "Angry head" too..

Roll on tomorrow ;)


hows the angry head today? better i hope


She hasnt come on cause she is now in Prison having done the deed, but the good side of it is its a smoke free prison so will aid her quit.

Have a good one x


lmao xx :D


Hee Hee sometimes its good to laugh, but were is she really, out shopping spending all her savings I bet.


haha, no gladly no been arrested, been trying to keep as busy as poss all weekend, cos being on computer is one of my biggest triggers, cos i'm on it all day.

No choice today tho, cos got work to do :o)

Waiting for my little pot of money to get bigger before i go on a spending spree,

Although my daughter found it yesterday and asked what it was, when i explained why i'd gained £50 in 5 days, she stated "That is so disgusting".....All i could do was say, "Yes it really is!!"



Glad you are still with us Kittykat. :D

It really is so disgusting the money that we spent on smoking.

Stay strong matey.

Sian :p


At least she will I hope never feel the inclination to start puffing when she sees how much it has cost you not only in money but heath as well, have a good day you are doing really well x


Wow 50£ saving on tobacco. That's very good, well for your pocket. Good luck with you quitting.


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