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Pop your trainers on!

Hey, just a quick post to anyone who is feeling a bit low or struggling, I realise I have along way to go as I've only been smoke free for two months but I'm feeling such a huge difference already. It was hard at first but I love that I can exercise now without the feeling of 'what's the point when I'm a smoker'. Whether its walking up the stairs or attempting a run or a keep fit video that awful tightness in my chest and the gasping for breath seems to be disappearing by the day. When I've finished exercising my body feels great! And one of the great things is I'm more often wishing that I could pop my trainers on as opposed to popping out for a cigarette, I suppose it's reconditioning your mind from wanting one thing to wanting another (this is not to say I don't wish I could have one every now and again). Anyway if your thinking about getting on with the exercise - you should! It really helps! x

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Great post and I wholeheartedly agree. I can't believe I can run now and can do it for a half hour compared to being a smoker at the start and gasping for breath after a minute. Amazing the difference just over a month can make. It's the little things too. Yesterday I had to sprint for a bus and didn't have to do that 'I'm sweating and panting for air but trying to hide it as I talk' to the bus driver ;)


Lovely post although I am as yet to start exercise, I have realised that even walking or getting heavy bags out the car is easier for me.

Well done lovely post:)


I agree too. I was always pretty active but I have really noticed the difference and I, too, have taken to replacing smoking with physical activity.

Isn't it lovely to feel better all over?? :)


I went back to circuit training this week, first time in 2 years as I stopped going because I was embarrassed about how unfit I was. It was hard but not NEARLY as hard as it was when I smoked. I'm going to get a run in over the weekend too as that was one of my aims when not smoking. I used yo love yo run but was way out of breath before my muscles hurt so I gAve up. Now the nights are getting lighter I'm really looking forwRd to pounding the pavements again.


I've only quit for 5 days and already I've shaved off 3 mins from my personal best running a 5k and I can run up the stairs without getting out of breath! I also have replaced cravings with excercisen and it has worked fantastically.

Well done on quitting for 2 months, I'm determined to get that far too.


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