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Your welcome to my bonfire

Hi everyone just checked my stats on (I quit) 15 weeks 2 days 15 hours 49 minutes smoke free! Cigarettes not smoked 2691, cash saved £694.41, so I am starting a bonfire on the 5th of November if you want to join me add your stats! We won't have a Guy on top we will put the nicodemon on the top, and burn him so my contribution 2,691 cancer sticks

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I love the idea of burning that dirty nicotine monster ;)

I'm on day 254 and am happy to throw 2530 cigarettes onto the bonfire!


Getting There

The fire is getting bigger lets burn the monster


Ooh yes...don't mind if I do and literally see that nasty smelling evil foul monster go UP IN SMOKE !

Hope you can see my attachment ! :)


At this rate it's going to be a massive bonfire! Best we all stand up-wind from it though... :eek:


On day 35 today!!! (Whoop Whoop!), and will happily throw the 1034 ciggies I would have smoked on the top of that bonfire and keep my 4 days!! :D


Day 100 today so I would like to chuck 2000 fags on that bonfire please


Jenn take a bow :D:D:D day 100 is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

I am bowing in your impressive shadow - only 210 days behind you ;)


Jenn are you saying that I have an impressive shadow cos I am FAT?:eek:

If so-yes you are right I need to diet :D

Trust me, I could not call anyone fat when I look ready to drop! :rolleyes:


Day 107!

2687 Stinky Cigs Going on the fire!

Saved £1007 so far!!


28,890 on the fire

Take a bow everyone made a nice blaze the Nicodemon's tears couldn't put it out.


he he he he ...




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