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Does your partner smoke?

My wife quit a long time ago, and so I was the only smoker in the house. This probably helps a lot...Just interested to know how many people on here are trying to quit, with a partner who has not yet seen the light?

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Well you know mine doesn't so that's two of us with non smoker OH's



Thankfully my cat does not smoke nor my three year old girl so i'm really helped there :)



Luckily not, she quit over 3 years ago as soon as she knew she was pregnant.

Just stopped, just like that! I was and am very proud of her for that.

I continued smoking (outdoors only) until last September - my only regret is not quitting when she did.... however, I simply wasn't ready.


I Like Mimi do not have a partner nor a cat


Marg xxxxxxxx


Would you not like one Marg, or a bird or a dog??; Perhaps your happier just like that!;) Oooops, i better not strey off the subject



Hi Mimi :D

Would I not like what??????

A partner, a dog or a bird

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm might have to think about that one


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx


My fiancé doesn't smoke thank god, she now and again would grab one of my smokes on a friday night so was occasional/now-n-again only, but now i've quit.. so has she.

It was a concern that she'd get home from work and say 'have you got a spare one?' to me as i didn't want her getting hooked like I was.. so i'm kinda glad now i've quit as i'm quitting us both at the same time this way.


Hello WM,

My wife smokes but thankfully she now only smokes outside.




Well, what i ment by that was a cat or something but of course.... perhaps you would prefere a man!!! it never occured to me :) lol i have been on my tod a wee bit too long i think!

Bye, x


My OH smokes - although he is now on Day 6 of Champix - so I am hoping this time next week we will both be smoke free.

Having said that - it isn't a problem for me - in fact (cos I'm weird like that) I think it has helped. I don't have to think "I wonder what just one..." - because I know. He smokes outside, but comes back in smelling awful! Every time he does that I am reminded how bad it is and how good I am!:D



My husband smokes and I'm not sure that he will ever quit! I'm not sure I'd want him to - he gets SO stressed if he hasn't had a ciggie.

At first it was quite tough as he does smoke in the house, well only the kitchen but now it doesn't really bother me.

Sometimes I get that nostalgic urge to pinch one of his when we are sitting outside with a bottle of wine or when we are with smoking friends.

It just annoys me now the amount of money he wastes on ciggies - of course that didn't bother me when I smoked too!


hi all,

yes my h smokes ,but does go into garden,he has been smoking 47 yrs,never tried once to give up,and now he has copd.

he has a alcohol problem too,so i quess he has a additive personality,but in his defence he suffers from severe depression.

love doey x


My oh have tryed quitting every time I have but only lasts a week or two. Been smoking now again for over 5 months but thinks I dont know. HEHExxxx


My oh smokes and keeps saying he's going to quit but can't. He also smokes t other stuff which makes it harder as I think he's more addicted to that.


I have to agree with Jim on this been there done that and the wacky weed was a lot easier to quit than the fags.



Honestly, he's tried giving up cannabis even managed a couple of months . . . but as soon as he hooks up with his mate (who's at sea at the moment) they both start smoking more than ever. And unfortunately he's back in contact with an old friend of his who can get it for him. I stopped 4 years ago without a problem as you say it's easy to quit, but for him it's just a bit harder - though I do think he has other issues surrounding it just like some people use booze as an escapism.


Have had partners who smoked and didn't, the last one didn't and I was really aware that I was.

Don't think I would want to be with someone now who did smoke. Noticed last night how much people's breath stank when they came back in from having a fag. Also to be honest to myself, would having a smoking partner make it ok to have the odd puff, therefore starting the frigging ball rolling again. I know I've said this before but this is the longest I've ever manage to quit (2 months today) and am protective/scared/anxious that this quit remains so. I know in my heart of hearts I am a real nicotine addict and I can't afford to be near another fag ever again.


one smoker vs one quitter

My wife quit a long time ago, and so I was the only smoker in the house. This probably helps a lot...Just interested to know how many people on here are trying to quit, with a partner who has not yet seen the light?

My partner was a heavy smoker, he stopped 12 years ago by going cold turkey,however i still smoke like a chimney but i start champix tommorrow so im hoping this will help.

i've tried stopping so many times and even though he never complains, i know he hates it infact he wont come near me when i light up but he also knows how hard it is for me,all my family are heavy smokers and i just find it so hard to stop for more than a couple of weeks.


I wish you all the luck in the world shortandsweet - Just keep posting on here and let everyone know how you're getting on ~xXx~


part time smoker

My oh is one of those smokers who will smoke a packet of 10 one day and then no go near a cigarette for a few months:eek:.

This used to make me mad as I had tried to stop so many times and he just lights up when the mood takes him and then just stops again.

Well this time if he decides to light up he is just going to have to stand in the garden to have it:D

On day 2 and feeling good, just have a really bad thirst all the time.



You tell him Debby!

I'm trying to drink lots of water at the moment as getting a strange taste/feeling in my mouth now and again. Don't like water, but does the job. Plus it stops me reaching for the bowl of mints on my desk.


Short and sweet,

You've probably heard this soooo many times, but this time you will do it.

I know its a tough call when alot of folk around you are heavy smokers but you have made a decision to quit, and with a few changes to routine extra on top of your quit, perhaps have a time out 'safe place' you can quickly retire to when they are all smoking and you are not.. just so your not right in the thick of it.. literally.

My mum smokes heavy... too heavy for my liking and you know? When i see the amount that folk smoke sometimes, it reminds me that i don't want that now, nor ever in my life again. Regain control, conquer this rubbish you and many of us decided was ok, and start to regain things in your life you'd long since conceded.

Best of luck, but please please please don't go through the moments alone, come on here and discuss any bad or good moments you have, we'll be around.


Hello there...

Im new but would like to add that I once attempted a quit whilst living with a heavy smoker and it was really hellish.... never impossible though?



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