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No Smoking Day
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Quit when your sick.. ;)

Ok. Im 32 and been smoking since 16 years old. I started on about 10-20 a week and over the years it crept up to 15 a day sunday-thursday and fri-sat 30 a day (pubs/bars) ... Well, saturday 9 days ago i was ill with a fever and i was soo down I decided to go out and have a few beers, I must have smoked 30 cigs in 5 hours. Next morning I woke up with a banging headache, my nose was constantly flowing with nuceaus and my throat felt like it got a good rub down with sandpaper. i was that ill i couldnt get up the road to buy cigerettes let alone smoke one. Anyway I was sick in bed for 2 days, didnt get out unless for toilet or a bowl of soup, after 2 days I felt a little better and took the dogs for a walk and had some lunch and went back for a lie down and i realised i hadn't smoked in two and half days and i didn't crave a cigerette either..hmmmm!! .. I said to my self if i dont need a cigerette I might aswell quit. so for the remainer 6 and a half days i havn't smoked or needed one.. Dont get my wrong i'm constantly eating and im in a bad mood, but i dont want a cigerette..Weird.. ! ..When I feel agitated I go to the back garden and take 10 deep deep breath's and i find that that calm's me down.... hmmm maybe iv'e cracked it!!!:)

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cold turkey....

Oh, i'm not taking any medicine, patches or gum either.... Wish me luck for the future.. I have saved £50-£60 in 9 days....!:)


Same same!

I was much the same 17 days ago after 22 years of mostly heavy smoking, after two days ill in bed decided to have a first serious attempt, still in there. Felt the same as you, hence my username I picked out on day 3 (!) but it does ease, feels like I'm a lot further along than 17 days...:) still eating for Englnd though, but there you go, you can't have everything, not yet at least!!


good luck..!

Angry bear I hope you succeed, its not easy, i feel agitated, snappy and please leave me alone kind of feeling. But I don't want to smoke... I've opened another bank account a few hours ago and i take £40 a week from my current account into it by direct debit or watever the clerk said ( thats roughly how much i spend per week on smokes) and if i smoke ill stop the payments, which i dont want to do..!,, I hope when times r tough and im desperate for a smoke ill tell myself about my holiday im saving up for..:)


Welcome on board Pepsi.

With all that money you are saving we know where to come for a loan then :)

I did'nt pack up because of the money but a saving of around £1,200 in just over 5 months is a big bonus.

I see you are 32. Good time to quit before your health starts to suffer too much.

Dont be like us older ones who wish we had done it years ago.

Good luck and keep posting



Well Pepsi if you don't want to smoke that's half the battle, I had a rough day yesterday, just minor family disharmony, thought about having a fag, but just didn't actually want one. Since then it's been mentally easier, but the first week was a whirlwind of tantrums and fury. IT WILL PASS! :) Nice one on the savings, my habit only cost me about £8 a week, that'll pay for Sky Sports at least, come August! :cool:


thanks for the reply forum friends:)....... I am currently eating ice-cream and i am freezing.. dont usually have a sweet tooth, i hope this passes before i put on 1-2 stone...:(................thanks for the encouragent..:)


Pepsi i've put on over a stone in almost 4 weeks... I cannot STOP eating, i think I must have hollow legs, it's crazy, i hope it stops soon or I'm gonna look like the back end of a bus! :confused:


nicole, i can see myself getting bigger all the time and i can see the weight gain already...I feel like cr@p but im gonna eat like a horse till next monday and start dieting then.. Thats my plan anyhow... I hope it works out 4 ya nicole;)


I've put weight on too, even though I've been trying not to eat any more than normal.

My theory is that smoking affects the absorbtion of food in your body and when you give up smoking your body absorbs more, and your metabolism changes and slows down, therefore, you will put weight on even if you don't eat any more than you did before.

Well, that sort of make sense to me, but I probably have been eating more without realising it :confused:


Nicotene also releases glucose (sugar) from your liver into the blood which stops you from feeling hungry! When first giving up its a good idea to drink lots of fruit juice to keep up the sugar levels that your body has gotten used to - that may help stop you feeling grouchy. I also used to suck on sugar free sweets just to have something in my mouth.

And yes - your metabolism will decrease on giving up as well. But that can be increased with exercise.

It will start to even out again in a while once your body gets used to being normal and not have nicotene dictating what it does.

Enjoy the food - just make sure you're eating healthy stuff and get some exercise too - help get them lungs free of smoke ;)

Good luck everyone - !



i started light jogging with my dogs instead of long walks... i hope that keeps the weight down...


i started light jogging with my dogs instead of long walks... i hope that keeps the weight down...

That is great and it will definitely help! You are doing the best thing for your health we can work on the weight gain soon enough just get the quitting under your belt first.

You have quite a few who have quit around the same time as you so you have quit buddies like Angry Bear, cake corner, Nandan I think that helps you are all feeling the same things and are a great support for each other well done to all of you!:D


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