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Tomorrows the big day.


Hi everyone,

Im new. I have tried to do this twice before and cant seem to get past three months. Im aware of all the mistakes i made last time. I cant smoke anymore, its not doing me any favours. The first time i quit i used this forum which was amazing. Then i went for a drink, and had a ciggerette. Then i felt too guilty to come back on here because i felt like a cheat.

The second time i did it alone, and my boyfriend and my friends were just telling me to smoke because all i ever complained about were the cravings.

So now im back, and i have my patch on and im ready to wake up tomorrow and fight all the cravings i have and beat this.

Please help me, im going to need it. All the people im surrounded by smoke and dont support me at all.

Thank you,

Love Laura xxx

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Hi Laura and welcome back :)

Well done on your decision to quit again - you only fail when you give up trying :D Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on - you can beat this!

best of luck Laura,

i'll be starting over tomorrow, also with a patch, so i look forward to reading about your day and sharing the experiences - just imagine how good it's going to feel to make it to day two :)


Yay, im not alone. Im glad someone is fighting it tomorrow with me. Good Luck, and thank you both for your motivating messages xxx

and now today is the big day, fingers crossed, patches on! heads down, just sights set on getting to this evening smoke free:) when we will be ;) and not :confused: or :(

all the best, 5mol<er

All the very best to you both, you can do it! Just promise that you won't smoke today, that's how I managed at 1st - 1 day at a time, only on day 9 myself!

Hope your days go smoothly!


Very best of luck to you both. Keep thinking positive and find or do things to make you smile. You will beat this nasty habit this time, take it one day at a time, they will soon add up.

Lorraine :)

Good luck to you both - you can do this - just deal with one crave at a time and one day at a time. Of course Laura the peeps on here will support you when you need it.

Keep us posted

Tinks :)

Good luck to both of you. Just take one day at a time. Let us know how you're getting on.

Remember you have the guts (and the sense) to try, millions don't. You are undoubtedly doing the right thing and it gets better, and easier as time goes by.

what lovely messages of support, this is such a nice place :) well i made it through the toughest part of the day for me, that old work thing (i'll give that up next!), 1 crave at a time, like you say tinkerbell, that's what it is. already got my patch out for tomorrow, i know i'm surfing the euphoria of day one right now, but hey :D

good luck one and all, and all the best Laura, just the evening to do now!


Good luck to both of you, we are here if you need us. xx

Day 1 nearly over - yipee

This has been been my day 1 (and my 1st post) and Ive been 23 hours without a cigarette so far. Yippeee.

I am using the Microtabs and the inhaler ( as a top up).

Today has been pretty tough. Really agitated at work but its been worse since I came into the house this evening. Staying off the phone cause I always smoke when chatting and not having any cups of tea - cause that always makes me have a fag too.

Im worried tomorrow is going to be really bad. Going to check on the day 2ers and see how bad it is - good luck everyone.

Hey Laura

Today is my day one and I'm 23 hours in without a fag. Its been pretty bad but Im using the microtabs and inhaler and they seem to have taken the edge off most of the day.

If I can do this - you can too - I havent gone 24 hours without a cigarette for 19 years (OMG) but Im determined to get to tomorrow smoke free

Good Luck


Laura, 5mol<er & Melissa - how are you three. Usually we all find the first few days the worst and the hardest so hang in their guys. :)

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