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Tomorrow is the day

Hi All,

I have decided that tomorrow is my quit day.

I have 2 left in the box and after them 2 thats it for me.

Have been smoking for so many years coming up to 15 now.

BUt i actually feel like crap lately and the smoking is actually getting me down, as i can feel it damaging my health and just don't enjoy it. But I've also decided to quit the drink for a while . I am really s******g myself because i know it is going to be so so difficult to do. But im feeling really unhealthy, lazy, and just don't like it anymore. My partner smokes so that will make it even more difficult but my daughter keeps on asking me to stop so thats another reason to stop. I can see more reasons to stop than to carry on . I know that my mates will try and urge me to smoke probably because they cant stop themselves but have to do this for me. Sorry for the essay but will let you know how tomorrow goes. Has anyone else felt like this?


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Hiya and welcome!!!

As they say you on your way!

Read through other peoples journey, as that will surely give you hope that things do get better, you can find about their struggles and how they overcame them. I know I have read about people in similar situation to yours, so there will be lots of support and advice for you.

I know at the beginning it may seem like a struggle, but its so true when you read here, time and time again, that each crave is one less you have to get through.

If you read through the early day forums, you can actually see how they get less and less, from other peoples quit storys!!

Anyway there's loads of general advice and support around, and if you get stuck you can always PM people for help!!

Take Care


You have made a great decision.

The best thing you can do to make your quit as easy as possible is to read. Read articles on this forum, and follow links from here to other sites.

My particular favourite is where there is some very inspiring "tales from the quit".

Education is the key to this, as quitting is at least 90% phsycological - get your head right and there is no reason for quitting to be as difficult as we are all led to believe.


Hi there welcome to the forum!

Good luck for tomorrow and keep posting, it can be a handy diversion!

Best wishes



This is not meant to sound blasé or condescending but if you can get your head right then quitting is painless and weirdly quite an interesting voyage of discovery.

Call it self-hypnosis call it self inflicted brainwashing, if fact, call it whatever you want. The more you know about your enemy the easier the battle becomes. The hard bit is avoiding the information designed to make your quit harder than it really is.

If you’re doing it ‘cold turkey’ pop over to and read everything…




hi cavaco111..wellcone to the fourm,and good look with you quit,like the post says, read and read all you can,,take smokeing for what it is,a very very nastey habit.your in the right place for all the help you need,,just keep the faith all the best tony


Hi ... Can only 2nd , 3rd what the others have said ...firstly welcome :)

You have started the correct way , get yourself prepared for your quit : That will include reading through posts on this site , there is a program at , It's online and free. It helps us understand the why's we smoke and recognise those trigger moments (cues) we have built into our lives to light up. The program begins by suggesting a quit date 3 weeks out.

You already have set a quit date just go with it, and do the program while you are quit. Also, is an excellent source of information on quitting and the addiction. like Stuart said read Kevin's Tales at woofmang. The more information and education, the better able you are to continue to stay smoke free.

Keep posting on here your progress, bare in mind everyone on here has been through what you are about to do...we are all at various stages in our quits but importantly we are all quit! so nice of you to join us.

Are you going Cold Turkey?

Do you have NRT to take?

I wish you all the very best in can do it!!


This is not meant to sound blasé or condescending but if you can get your head right then quitting is painless and weirdly quite an interesting voyage of discovery.

Call it self-hypnosis call it self inflicted brainwashing, if fact, call it whatever you want. The more you know about your enemy the easier the battle becomes. The hard bit is avoiding the information designed to make your quit harder than it really is.

If you’re doing it ‘cold turkey’ pop over to and read everything…



knowledge is power as they say!!

good luck for tomorrow


Off you go

I promise it is nowhere near as hard as we make it out to be.

And all these folks are right...It's starting with the most information and good intention which will help you most.

Really! The more you know the more you will be prepared.

Read the 'Tips' section on here. Lots of tricks for the first few days. make a plan. Stick to it...You'll be through the initial rush before you know it and into the 'I'm quit and staying that way' phase that most of us are at!

We're all here for you!



Hi All

Sory have not been in touch.

Right so today is 2nd day quit. And im finding it very very hard.

Im reading through all the post, not really sleeping that well and to tell the truth actually nearly smoked last night, ust felt so agitated. Im hoping it will get easier as i am used to smoking 20 a day and probably more on the weekends and specially with xmas round the corner. Nearly gave in thinking ill do it after xmas but then i will always find an excuse.

Im going to beat this this time , I have to .

Thankyou all for your info and kindness i will keep you all updated and keep reading the post to encourage me even more.



Hi there

Congrats, on staying strong so far. Yes there is always a "plausible" excuse just round the corner!

The 1st few days are certainly the worst and it will get so much better very quickly, by the time Christmas day is here you'll be feeling so relieved you didn't give in.

All the best



I know this sounds easier said than done, but really and truly, please go and read.

It more to do with how your perceive stopping. Many people here swear by the fact that by altering how they viewed stopping, made their quit so much easier.

If you reflect on "giving up" its almost like you are telling your body that you are "depriving it of something good", try viewing it as "Stopping" OR "freeing yourself". I know its sounds small, but its these little things that others have found very useful.

IME, my day 3 was the worst - its was the day I joined here, and ended up posting lots of things just to occupy my mind!! The sleep things normal too, I found that got better after a week or so.

Well done for not caving in last night night, thats one complete day you are smoke free!!! another way to look at things is this, even if you do smoke - you are going to have cravings - at least this way, you know after a few days, the cravings will stop for the rest of your life!!!!!!

If you have a look under tips, and try to find the bit about keeping a diary of the Craves, you may find that also helps.

and finally.... Have a read of those people who are in the day 4, 5, 1 week and 1 month forum. That way you can see how people who were in your shoes, and then you can see how their craves got less and less - it will give some hope that soon, you wont be feeling like this forever!!!

Trust me I'm 2 weeks now and hardly ever get craves these day (in fact i cant remember the last really bad one).

In the grand scheme of things, you will have prob 4 days of feeling like this, but thats nothing - to be feeling great for the rest of your life.


Unfortunately not sleeping very well is part and parcel of the curing process, especially if you’re off the nicotine too. Don’t mistake healing for withdrawal.

If you’ve managed a day you’re a 3rd of the way to “nicoclean”

You can read and learn yourself off these things. Don’t fall into the easy trap of ignoring, hiding from and denying what was a well established habit. Once you’ve learnt why you smoked it becomes a lot easier to accept that it is something you have no wish ever to do again. Then you just tick off the days, weeks and months.

There is no time to quit like the present and let’s face it it’s a superb Christmas pressie…

Stay strong and Happy Christmas. :)


Hi all

Hi Everyone and happy new year.

Im feel a bit c**p today as i smoked one ciggarette on new years eve, only the one though but feel that i have to start all over again. And also it tasted disgusting. Im determined to quit this habit as it is disgusting and also very expensive. Trying to get my partner to also stop, but cant see that happening.

Ive got alot of pressures at the moment also but i know this is no excuse to smoke as I have read that can sometimes makes thing worse?

Well i hope you all had a great new year and hope that 2009 is all that you expect it to be.



Cigarettes make stress worse - FACT.

By stopping smoking, you will feel less stressed very quickly.

Also remember golden rule number 1....

A cigarette cannot change a situation. The situation will still be the same, but you just inhaled poison.

Golden rule number 2 may help also....

You are not "giving up" smoking... you are freeing yourself from a potential lifetime of illness and feeling bad because you just can't "give up". You are not "giving up" anything. You are breaking free, and you CAN do it!

Embrace the healing. The moment you stop smoking, your body starts to heal.... it is truly miraculous. You can speed it up even further by drinking lots of water. The bad things, colds, coughs, spots, withdrawal symptoms, lack of sleep, and everything else that happens soon after quitting is just your body clearing out all the cr*p that has been put in for so many years. Enjoy it! Revel in the fact that although you have stupidly been poisoning yourself for a long time, your body can and will recover.... AS LONG AS YOU DON'T SMOKE!

Since you feel you need to start at day 1 (and I tend to agree that after a slip you should start again) then I wish you all the best with your new quit. Read lots and post often!


Thanks for the reply,

Yep it all makes sense what you have said, but feel really just down today and could have one but wont be. Thats another thing i dont do is drink water always drinking tea. Going to go fora run tonight im sure that will make me feel better just want to be generally fitter and happier with myself and quitting the fags will defo make me feel better.

Thanks again



Hi Cavaco111

Drinking water is difficult if you're not use to it. it rids your body of toxins and poison, i drink 1.5 litres religously. How do i do it? boil the water and put in a slice of lemon,

The lemon acts as a natural cleanser and prevents spots, the water helps rid your body of the poisons and improves your lymphatic system.

You can drink this as a hot drink in winter and iced in summer

Oh yes if its too sour a teaspoon of honey is warming and slightly sweetens the water!

try it-you will feel the benefits after 3 days

You may also associate tea drinking with smoking, changing your drink can help!


Good luck

I wish you luck in your efforts. My quit day is the 7th January. :)


Thank for the tips

Will defo be putting the lemon drinking into use starting tonight.

Don't feel to bad today at all . Went for a run this morning, so feeling much better and more confident. My partner did give it a try to quit but lasted one day. But that just makes me want to stay stopped even more. Gives me more strength to stay quit. Im hopping by myself succeeding and showing her that it is possible that she will see how happier i am. As i do feel much happier already compared to yesterday.

Well anyway shall keep you posted as the days , weeks months and I truly hope this time the years come .

And for everyone trying good luck for 2009.




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