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Tomorrow is my big day to quit!


I cant believe how fast it has gone, i set my quit date for tomorrow over 3 weeks ago and thought i was getting myself well prepared, i have got patches and lozengers and have been reading as much as i can from this site and links to others, i am feeling nervous but know that i rearly do want to quit this time, i have tried previously but failed, i dont want to fail this time, im nervous that at times when im bored will be the hardest, i have two young children so cant just go and do my own thing when a craving gets bad. any tips ready for tomorrow will be most helpful.

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Hi Tracey

I've just replied to you on the other thread - oops!

We will do it together I'm sure! xx

Yey!! Well done! I love to see new quitters on the thread. You sound like you are there mentally, thats the hardest part! I will look for you tomorrow! xx

Hi Tracy :D

It is perfectly normal to be a bit nervous as you would with any new undertaking but there really is no need to be

You have been reading and that is good as the more you learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier it will be for you

Remember that we are all here for you that is what this forum is all about helping each other through the rough days and cheering the good and beleive me there will be more good than bad we are very much like a big family post often let us know how you feel have a rant or a moan whatever it takes pretty much anything goes on here and also remember we are all fighting the same battle for our health and to reclaim our lives Oh and we have some good laughs as well

Good Luck


First day.

Everybody's quit is different, obviously. I just gave myself two quit days but i knew that the first day was the ONE. I told my family and friends that the second day was the quit day and didnt mention the first. So i basically fooled myself into feeling no pressure on the real quit day. Does that make sense? Oh, and came on here every hour or so.

Good luck.

Hi Tracy,

Have a good day tomorrow,keep positive,you sound well prepared.

Use this forum and the links and you should be ok.

Keep going

Hi Tracy

After about a million attempts i have nearly got to the end of day 2..... Dont give up giving up thats what i say... hope you can do it first time round... But if not... .never give up.

EBT Girl

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