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Big day and big test tomorrow


as I re-live my first concert from 25 years ago to see my idols Guns n Roses again in Slane - it is going to be a very nostalgic and emotional day as have great memories of my early teenage years where I had only started smoking, drinking and had my first joint :O The group I was with 25 years ago, I am going to be with again tomorrow but we will be missing 2 lovely lads that will hopefully be looking down on us, one was killed in a car crash 20 years ago and the other took his own life February 2 years ago. The majority of the group I will be with are a mixture of smokers and joint smokers and I have been very anxious the whole week about caving in with such nostalgic feelings. I had nightmares I smoked twice. My plan is if it gets too much for me, hubby and myself will just loose the group - have an excuse ready and all to say I meeting an old school friend.

Attached is a picture of the stage set up at the moment, our glorious weather is to change tonight with thundery rain and heavy showers in the morning to clear by afternoon, hopefully we escape it 8-)

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taurean72 Years Smoke Free

I hope your day tomorrow is all and more than it was 25 years ago!

I think your contingency exit plan is an excellent idea if temptation gets too much.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to taurean7

Thanks taurean7 - getting excited now but the nostalgic and summer sunny evening smell is bringing on quite a strong craving at the moment - I/we WILL be ok though, just have to persevere, they will pass 8-)

NozmoValued Contributor

Enjoy it Roisin, sure you'll be fine. Don't let Slash lead you astray as he plays his blistering solos with a tab hanging out of his gob.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Thanks Nozmo - are ye getting the predicted heatwave?

I had this poster of Slash the length of my bedroom door 25 years ago :O Always wondered how he didn't singe the hair all of himself while playing the guitar :O :D

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Ha ha! He's too cool to singe his hair. If I tried it I would set fire to my hair (if I had any). I've tried playing and smoking at the same time and it isn't very pleasant to be honest. The smoke always made my eyes water and taking in smoke with every breath just isn't nice. THAT'S why I'm not a guitar hero.

I watch this band on YouTube because they do great covers of Led Zeppelin songs (no mean feat). They LOVE to play and smoke, watch the first minute and count the tabs.

Yeah we've had lovely weather this week and I've actually been off today to enjoy it. Just got back from riding the bike along the coast - very nice. I had the cravings on Wed and Thu but I've been fine today.

I reckon you'll be OK tomorrow. If you really get the urge you'll think about this place and that will keep you off them. I don't mean that in a corny way, I just think the whole journey means enough to you to keep you on the straight and narrow....unless you get absolutely HAMMERED of course :-)

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Jaysus, thats unbelievable, some amount of smokes alright :O They are very good!

Yeah, your right about me thinking of here will keep me on the straight and narrow, the nightmares I had during the week I was in such a state with the thoughts of telling ye here I smoked - MCD apparently is very strict on the alcohol and don't think we are even going to get bring drink on the bus - maybe better off, only so much beer ya drink so shouldn't get p**sed :D

PS This was the poster I was suppose to attach above, not sure how Paradise City link copied across??

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Thought it might be the wrong link but also thought it would be a "November Rainesque" pic of him with guitar and cigarette.

We had a Spanish guy at work who told a story of GnR playing his home town during some sort of local summer festival. Apparently Slash walked into a bar after the gig and asked the band who was playing if he could join them! He played along with them for the rest of their set. That must have been bloody marvellous! Kudos to him from r doing that.

Enjoy it Roisin

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Thats a classic scene in the November Rain video alright, can't wait to hear it tomorrow, will probably be Sunday evening before I get to tell ye all about it :)

mushenValued Contributor

I hope you have a brilliant day. Excellent idea about the exit plan.

I am sure you will be fine. 😊

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mushen

Thanks mushen - hope you are enjoying the heatwave 8-)

mushenValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Love it!

jobm11 Year Smoke Free

I read this with such an overwhelming feeling of emotion. Thank you for sharing such a personal thing Roisin. Wishing you a wonderful day, and a positive day. You're amazing x

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to jobm1

Thanks Jo!

Lucy12552 Years Smoke Free

You'll have a great time


have a great and safe time.😁

nettynoonoValued Contributor

hope you have a fab time Roisin, (and the weather holds for you) loved,loved loved guns n roses myself in my younger days!! Great band to listen to when you have hoosework to do, enjoy😁😁😁

Putter1000 Days Smoke Free

RoisinO1❤️. Fist off have a blast. You have been excited about this for awhile now!!

You have changed in the past 25 years. Embrace those changes and be at that concert as who you are today. You don't smoke... no biggie... you will be able to belt out those songs and take big deep breaths while your old friends cough themselves through the lyrics🙄

Of course a true testimony to your strength and will but you got this... you have a plan, stick with it, sing, shake your boodie and dance ... what a fun night !!!

Enjoy and be yourself, not who you were all those years ago 😘



RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Putter

Thanks Wanda for the reply and advice - great day smoke free but will take my 25 year older body a week to recover but so worth it

Now come on girl, get that 1 year milestone post up and lets get the party started - on the water but can have an GnR's after party which will no doubt perk me up - can get Nozmo to do a Slash solo :)

NozmoValued Contributor

How did it go Roisin? Everything OK?

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Sorry Nozmo, just surfaced now as didn't get home until 3:30am - body in bits and head not great either, will be in the horrors for the week but SOOOO worth it, they were epic! Will do up a new post now as have a class picture I have to share....

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Excellent stuff and the mark of a good might - not getting up until the following afternoon!

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