Day 11 but a big test tomorrow on Day 12 - No Smoking Day

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Day 11 but a big test tomorrow on Day 12


Things are going really well at the moment.

We have our little crew of me, Si22 and Dolly777 but anyone that wants to join up with us is more than welcome.

We are on days 8-11 between us and we are going to be winners!

Join up and we can support each other right to the end. We are even talking about having a meet up to celebrate the first full year without smoking (Sorry Nic, you're not invited! :D)

Tomorrow I am going to a friend's funeral and that is going to be tough.

Sadly he died from cancer (not smoking related) and it is one of the reasons I decided to quit. Part of my quit is in his memory and that's why I am feeling strong and resolute about it.

I'm sure I'll get through it but if possible spare me (and him) a thought tomorrow, it will be much appreciated.

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Hey Capt G ;)

You will be in my thoughts for sure, This is very close to where my thoughts are at right now too. Just yesterday, I spent some time at my Dad's grave site. Cancer took him in 1996 at age 42 (Lung Cancer) :mad:, it was a somber day for me but I needed to remind myself what this addiction really leads to.

It will be somber for you tomorrow too, I know you friend would be honored that you dedicated part of your quit in his memory, but you know what, it is even more honorable that his death has inspired new life.

I pray God's grace and peace fall on your day

Thanks for the kind words Jubilee and I'm sorry to read about what happened to your dad.

I'm sure he is up there willing you to succeed in your quit.

Keep strong and keep the faith

Gary :)

Hi Jubilee and Captain

I'm sure you father is urging you Jubilee, as I'm sure is your friend Captain. Such emotive reasons to spur you on in your quit.*

Tomorrow will be a tough day Captain but you can and will get through it ive no doubt especially from what I have seen of your posts on here. You are so positive and determined in your quit, you seem to be the helping hand (or words) when others are struggling, which is fantastic.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your friend, Capitan. Funerals are a reminder of how precious - and fragile - life is. Your friend would be proud of your strength and resolve. Hope the day goes OK,




So sorry to hear about your friend, and will be thinking of you tomorrow.

I often thought, when I was craving cigarettes, that a bereavement would be a cast iron good reason to start again - that I could justifiably light up and nobody would give me a hard time for it. But then when it happened (my brother died very suddenly in October) the very last thing I wanted to do was smoke. As herewego says, such a sad time makes you realise how fragile and precious life is, and it would be madness to choose to risk it. And also, like you, it spurred me on to stay healthy as a kind of tribute to him.

You're going into this with absolutely the right attitude - and that's admirable at such an early stage of your quit. I hope tomorrow is a great send off and celebration of your friends life. Stay strong.


Hi Gary (capitan)

Sorry to hear about your friend and your difficult day tomorrow, I will be thinking of you and I'm sure your friend would be proud of you for your success in quitting.

Thanks for all the kind words ladies, it really means more than I could ever put into suitable words.

This is a fabulous forum, filled with fabulous people.

I'm almost glad I used to smoke because if I hadn't, I'd never have come into contact with any of you.

Why oh why can't the world run on the basis of helping each other out rather than looking after number 1.

This is a special place with special people and I'm so glad I found it. :)


what a top thing to say matie, im with you on all counts. We are very lucky that we have managed to find some true friends who are prepared to go the extra mile for others.

It makes you realise there are still some decent people in life.

Thinking of you tomorrow......we'll all be surrounding you even if it's just in a cyber way.......propping you up


I think it was winston churchill who said 'you make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give'. Never was a truer word spoken.



Thinking of you mate. speak tonight yeah.

Stay :cool:


Si, 7.30 in the morning to post your support!

I'm genuinely touched my friend :)

I'm on my way now, so far so good, I haven't had any craving or stressful feelings.

Speak later


How did things go?

It went well thanks :)

Here's a link to my post about it...

I have just read it before I saw your link :) pleased it went ok.

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