No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Aye, so day 5 rolls along. My chest is easing up, but have moments of anxiety and tension there. Deep breathing and meditation techniques are helping. Have a sore throat and mouth ulcers that I thought would have gone now. There's a deeper anxiety underlying, but I knew that, just not sure what the source is or how to get rid of it, so shall see a therapist when I can. A ho-hum day today, a Sunday - I suppose I'm pretty tired with all this effort and chemical re-alignment, can't really give myself to anything, so shall muck about with some music.



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well done

day 5 for me all so. glad your not feeling like me. terrible head ache all day and a feeling like im gona be sick at any moment. dont know whether its withdrawl symptoms or if im coming down with something.

still chuffed 5 days without a fag. thats £25 ive saved:rolleyes:

good luck with day 6:D


Hi ulysess

going into day 6 too almost a week done....That anxious feeling will go i will soon begin to feel more chilled out & relaxed about it all....your doing very well & youve got a quit buddie too......which is a great help for all the stages you go through:)

Hey sleezy ...the money thing is a good incentive....How much uve saved in 5 days is amazing already...nice one mate:)