Day 5 and I'm failing

Not happy at all, I could slap myself, I'm after smoking a cigarette. Surprisingly enough I was managing pretty well up until now... This morning was like as if I was possessed, I could not stop myself and I'm not proud. I lighten it up but didn't smoke it, as I had a drag, had a chat with myself and threw it away but I'm very disappointed with it. Have a great day everyone

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  • Sorry you're having a hard time mmaya - it's like I said, whenever we're stressed or worried we rush for a cigarette - we all do it.

    Don't beat yourself up. If you can, try and find something to distract yourself from everything - I know it's hard.

    Hope the day gets better as it goes on. Keep your chin up. xx

  • Oh linda, my heart is racing, I'm a nervous wreck today, I don't want to repeat the mistake... It was good in a way to bring me back to hearth, it was going too easy, it was only a matter of time for me to fall in the trap.Im very busy today and as soon as I finish what I have to do. I'll go straight to bed. Hopefully I'll survive this blip.

  • It's just a bad day, we all have days when something triggers the desire for a cigarette. For me it was drinking a lot and seeing other people smoking. One drag won't kill you, but it's advisable to try and resist. I still keep a disposable ecig just in case I get the urge.

  • I know thankfully I don't drink at all, I might have the odd glass of wine but that's it. I'm lucky with that, I know a lot of people that relapsed due to alcohol consumption.

  • Mmaya... do not blame yourself to much for almost caving.... Be proud that you could resist and stay strong....

    I wish I could take part of your suffering today.....

    Be happy for me I have up to today resisted 4000 cigarettes since I stopped !!! Yippeeeeeee!

  • ...I only smoked around 6/7 a day, maybe 10 when I was really stressed. I used to smoke a lot more, but since they implemented the ban on the cigarettes, I feel like a criminal even lightening up, really all I can smoke is in the back garden and even kids will be shouting at me.

  • You are taking part Hercu, you, Linda, Graham and the others in this forum, 1 week ago I couldn't even get into the right frame of mind, and today I'm on the 5th day without smoking, I wouldn't have done it if specially the 3 of you haven't pushed me to it. Many thanks for that.

  • Hercu very well done on your stats, jaysus those numbers look ridiculous, did you smoke 5 packs a day or something?! :)

  • Amazing stats... No thanks goodness not 5, but 2 x 20's was 40 per day x 100 days = 4000 cigs YUGGGGGGG !!!!

  • Hi mmaya.

    Don't beat yourself up. S​ome times in the past when I've previously given up! .......As I was saying the last time I was trying to quit I used to have the odd cigarette on purpose to make myself feel sick and dizzy. I used to roll up a really loose one and then take as many drags as I could and then inhale the lot in one go! When I'd picked myself up off the floor and been sick in the bathroom I used to tell myself that was what would happen if someone tempted me while I out. Just put today down as a training exercise. I can assure no one on this forum will be thinking any the less of you because we've all been there, done it and got the "I'm giving up smoking again" T shirt!

  • Lennon where are you? We missed you today, will you let us know you are ok after that dreadful day yesterday? Xx

  • I got myself the forever quitter one :) lennon a lot of the people in here know me from before, I do try hard but I need to try harder and get it done. I'm still going, tomorrow I'd another day.

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