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Day 7 a whole week!

I can't believe i've gone 7 days today has been good long may it continue. Thought i was doing well until kids informed me i have been bad tempered all week so i asked them would you rather i smoked or shouted. They both agreed on the latter at least they can walk away when i am shouting

Going out for lunch tommorow, other girls don't smoke so that wont be a problem. Been chewing loads of gum so think i may buy the nicorette gum and try that instead of the lozenges. Can only see how it goes. Hubby now only smoke's in back garden, so at least he is trying to help. Said he will see how i get on and then try himself. he has quit a couple of times before so he can do it, but says hes not in right frame of mind at moment wich i understand but says it is coming. Feel this site has helped me i enjoy reading all the posts and tips and find it very interesting. Everyone has been encouraging and friendly. Thanks to you all. Think i have posted this twice put in on the end of my last one, cant seem to get the hang of where posts need to go :confused: I promise to get the hang of it soon. :D

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Well done a whole week is fantastic. Sounds like your kids have got it right and the temper thing will calm down I promise. Good to have your OH on your side and by the sounds of it you could both be healthy, wealthier non smokers soon.

Keep reading and keep posting (doesn't really matter where).


Well done you :) i can't be of any help to you regarding the lozenges but i could be wrong ...but i hear the gum is very addictive!! my friend has been chewing for 6 years and is totally hooked on it. Just thought i'd mention it.

Good luck.


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