Day 7

So on day 7 of not smoking, day 4 of no nrt. I have to say it has been very easy compared to what I thought it would be. I used to think stoping without any help meant being miserable but I haven't been. It hasn't been crave free but the craves have been fleeting and have passed in a couple of minutes. It helps that I now know they are all in my head and that the world doesn't end when I get them. For anyone experiencing craves it really does only last a couple of minutes and it doesn't mean you have to be grumpy/angry/moody/miserable (delete or insert your own mood).

I wasn't going to visit over the weekend at all but then I thought that by doing this I may be able to help someone who is struggling. Have a good Sunday guys

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  • :D

    Good to hear your doing so well Mark :)


    Carol x

  • Very pleased for you Mark,


    Keep it going, you sound really strong



  • Well done Mark

  • Good for you!

    Good for you Mark, keep on keeping on!:)

  • Mark

    Well done Silly Billy! You're a Star:) Oh yes you are:)

    Fi x

  • Nice post Mark, glad you're keeping on top of it OK ;)

  • Good stuff Mark, you're sounding very positive, I think you can do it this time :-)

  • Keep it going Mark you doing really well and a definite inspiration to others :D

  • Well done Mark , how are you on your second week, I am like you this time I have my head in the right place and am treating the craves like something to be squished with distain. I am on day seven. I get an odd crave, I acknowledge it and then take a deep clean breath and say I don't think so, I have this huge gate keeper and monster idea going on in my brain, ( I am a dramatic type) I have a mental pic of myself slaying the nemisis. So today I am on day seven, and I have a desire to breathe deep but I inhale and it is like I hit a wall, what in hell is that, I can't take the deep lung full of air I want. Anyone else ever have that.

  • Love the gatekeeper monster scenario!! I sometimes feel I can't breath as deeply as I'd like but I think that will improve with time.

    Well done on reaching day 7 - why not come and join us in the November quitters group (quick links, social groups) where there are folk at a similar time in their quit to you x

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