No Smoking Day
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Day 7 with no nasty nico at all !!! not even a sniff or a chewie. Who would have thought eh? Certainly not me... I remember before Christmas dreading quitting because I thought I would miss smoking.... welll I did and I do BUT I LOVE this feeling of freedom. I promised myself a little treat each week. I was smoking 20 per day so allowing myself each week a treat JUST for me of £5. Something I would NEVER buy beforehand, something to say say "thankyou" to myself...

So this week I am buying a bottle of Trevor Sorbie shampoo... as now my hair no longer stinks of stale smoke I can enjoy having lovely smelling hair for the first time in 20 years :o

PS Hubby now decided to go cold turkey like me and he is managing better he is on day 3 well done Hubby xxx proud of you xxx

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WELL DONE ON THE WEEK. :) Thats brilliant hun and oh yes make sure you treat yourself, even better that your OH is stopping too im made up for you both.

Dont let your guard down as Mr Nic lurks for a while yet and will try and work his way back in but Hun a def well done from me and make sure you keep strong and stay positive. Heres to another week and another well deserved treat xx





just a postscript on the STENCH of Nicotine

Forgot to add this on my main post for the day.. I have posted this on another thread but you will see why I have chosen my particular TREAT this week as a lovely smelling hair product...

THE STENCH OF NICOTINE: I used to push my little boy away from me if I had been in the garden for a fag as he did not know I smoked and I didn't want him to smell me.

He has since told me he knew I still smoked as I smelt 'revolting' and he was "embarrased" by my smell.

He told me that he hated every morning when I tied his school tie as my hands made him feel physically sick and that he would hold his breathe.

All of these things I have only just learnt in the past week. On the plus side I have had numerous cuddles and hugs from him this week, he does not shy away from me ( I thought it was just him not being 'cuddly' but the truth is I stunk enough that my baby couldn't bear to hug me) Mr Nic will NOT keep me from hugging my baby boy xxx

( baby at 11...?!! arrhhh well he will always be my baby.. I am 36 and still my dad's 'baby' !!


ah well he will always be my baby.. I am 36 and still my dad's 'baby' !!

What a lovelly quote there Nikki and i have to agree that there never to old to still be our baby as we are for our Dads too.

I also agree about the smell etc it was always in my mind that i must have smelt bad but i could not stop or so i thought but 10 weeks in and i am glad that now i know i can kiss and hug my kids and my OH and not smell like a dirty ashtray anymore.

Good luck Hun xx


Well done on your week in. It's a great mile stone that one. I also used to smoke outside and would stays back from the kids a bit after smoking. Haven't had to do that for almost 3 mths now and it is great.

You're doing well, just keep on going and stay strong.



keep going it does get easier. I could not imagine smoking ever again in my life & i was the queen of roll ups, i could smoke all day & all night, just loved my smoking to death (literally would have been the case) but i stopeed dead no NRT nothing at all just will power alone & have remained positive ever since :cool: keep a positive mind & know that this will pass!! well done to you both.


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