No Smoking Day
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5 whole weeks


Wow, it feels great!

I am not missing smoking at all really. I think about it now and then but the thoughts go as quickly as they come. I went to watch my son play football today and most parents were stood on the sidelines smoking and it really didn't bother me. I have even been sitting out on the bench in the garden with my husband while he is smoking and although I had the odd big sniff of it I really didn't want one.


I don't smell

Things taste nice

I am happy now

I can breath better

My kids are very proud

My teeth are whiter

I seem not so stressed (other than if the patch needs changing when I turn into a real evil b1cth :eek:


Lager is bloody disgusting :(

Still gaining weight despite heavily monitoring my eating and exercising!

I am still not sleeping well and have so little energy

I am considering seeing the doctor about my lack of energy though as it has been like this for a long time and I am starting to wonder if there could be a medical reason for it. Also me and my husband have had words again about my lack of s*x drive which again has been like it for about 8 years so maybe the two are linked. I haven't seen a doctor for about 9 years anyway so probably a check up wouldn't be a bad thing!

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Hope it all works out for you Chrissie and please let me know how you get on :)

Oh Karri - always probing for those dirty details;)

Chrissie - WELL DONE, i am v happy for you and v.v. jealous! Re lack of energy - you may have tried this just in case Vit B12 may help, it's involved in releasing energy from food...get proper dose tablets though, not just the crappy mini-dose in multi-vit tablets. They will sometimes even give you an injection of it at the docs, so may be worth mentioning.


Blimey Chrissie 5 weeks already, it only seems like yesterday when we all bunched up on the 1 month bench!

well done girlie, fab stuff. never mind the weight, tha'll come off later, for now be a gorgeous, slightly more voluptuous, smoke free Chrissie!

Energy/sex: anemia, boredom, B12? Dunno but a trip to the Doc probably advisable although for what it's worth both OH and I who are only a week ahead of you are both like Doormice at the moment, and I'm normally one of those truly annoying people who leap out of bed in the morning shouting "hello world, Hello sky it's the morning yippeee'!

At the moment the best I can do is to groan "coffee'....

So it could be the withdrawal thing. But better safe than sorry, so go say hello to the lovely NHS

x Well done and keep on trucking


Hi Chrissie!

So great to see you get to each milestone, you should be so proud of yourself! :D It's fantastic to see you looking at the positive effects and not wanting to smoke.

Definately see a doctor please, 9 years is a long time to not be checked up for! My boyfriend recently went and although he's young (25 turning 26) he's got such a bad vitamin deficiency that it makes him fall asleep everywhere! (generally on moving vehicles, it can actually be quite funny). Until he went for a blood test he thought it was just lack of sleep... he's now taking supplements and feeling great. For all you know your lack of energy and sex drive could be all down to something as simple as that.


It probably is down to diet, my diet has been awful since having children. I just wish I felt a little more active. I seem to be okay once I get moving.

I don't like the doctors though as we have to go through the tell the receptionist what is wrong first and she decides whether or not you should see someone!

I will phone tomorrow.


Sorry been busy digging the garden, trying to make myself do more! I went to the doctors yesterday and has a blood test so just awaiting the results of that now. Since when did doctors get so young, she looked about 15 :D

Saw the nurse yesterday and she offered to step down my patches or another 2 weeks on the higher ones so I have stayed as I am just to give me a bit longer. Delaying the inevitable yes but also longer to quit the mental addiction.

Been a lovely few days weather wise so lots of walking, digging and enjoying the sunshine. One fridge well stocked with various alcoholic drinks to try but all of a sudden I have gone cold so have settled for a cup of tea.


Do your receptionists ask you what you want to see a doctor for before they give you an appointment :eek:

Yes Karri, they really do and I hate it! They ask just for a brief outline of what is wrong and then decide if a telephone consultation is best or an actual appointment.

I think it started due to people not turning up for appointments and being a town with lots of retired people they were finding too many people going for a chat and bit of company which was taking up too much time.


Damn it! Blood test results are back and perfectly normal so looks like I am just an overweight lazy sod :D:D:D


Really pleased you're OK Chrissie - even if you are an overweight lazy sod hahaha:D :D :D


Lol - I was kind of relying on the medical evidence to back up my weight gain and laziness! I guess I need to start eating less and exercising more now :eek:


Nope. Revel in being a gorgeous, voluptuous proper woman!

you can tell that I'm not pinny thin can't you!!!


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