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Six whole weeks

The good news - no the great news - is that I have been nicotine free for six weeks. Yay!!!

The disappointments for me at this stage are:

[*]I am still so preoccupied with smoking (or more precisely, not smoking) - I still think about it so many times a day.

[*]I still feel physically crappy (more to do with the Champix, I think)

[*]I haven't yet been able to find new ways of dealing with my emotions post ciggarettes. Even a fairly benign feeling such as boredom is still quite problematic.

This was never going to be easy for me. 40 years of smoking between 30-40 a day is a serious addiction to go to war with. The Champix has undoubtably made it more bearable for me - I haven't climbed up the walls the way I have on previous quits.

So all in all, life is good! In my heart, I feel that I have learned from my previous relapses, and I really don't think I will ever smoke again. This forum has been so helpful to me - thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences and offering support. It really makes a difference.

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well done mrs T

six weeks that has gone quick

the being preoccupied with smoking and thinking about it is normal i did for a long while but it gets less and less and in the end the time u think about it is minimal i still think about it now not in obsessive way but i think it keeps me on my toes and reminds me of what i have achieved and reminds me of how addicted and reliant i was and reminds me i am no longer trapped in my old life

i have never taken champix but i read the side effects are harsh but worthwhile i think as it works for so many

you will find ways of coping for me personally its walking cause wen i first quit i would walk for miles to ease the cravings and to this day its how i cope with stress, the other day my teenage son was arguing and i just got the babies into the buggy stomped off out the house and walked for an hour till i felt better it dawned on me when i got home that the thought of a cigarette didnt cross my mind i just needed to walk instead


Thanks Boo - I might give the walking a try. At least I can do it without my lungs collapsing now!!


I agree with boo, I thought about it pretty much constantly for many weeks, in fact a few months. But eventually you start to become aware that you've gone a few hours, or a whole morning, or even a whole day without thinking about it and that's a tremendous feeling. It may take a long time, but it does (bad days notwithstanding) keep getting easier.

You should be tremendously proud of yourself. Bet your breathing is better and your purse is fuller even if your psyche isn't entirely free yet... If you're going to be thinking about smoking, think about the positive stuff, and BIG UP yourself! :D



Well done, you really have made remarkable progress after smoking for so long. I haven't smoked for even half the number of years as you so I can't imagine how hard this has been for you (although I have some idea as I have quit too). You've made it very far without smoking so there is no need to turn back now.

I personally don't think about smoking as much as I used too but I think this is because I haven't smoked for as long as your and everybody's psyche is different anyway so each quit is unique to the individual.


:) Well done Mrs T in getting to 6 weeks, I bet you feel very proud. I have also found that you can relate better to past relapses and knowing where we all have slipped up. But I am now on day 22 and am feeling very well. Good luck and keep at it. We are all on the road to recovery. I would also like to thank the peeps on here who have also advises me when times have been rough. All the best. Jacqui.


Well Done Mrs T,

You are doing so well. I am really proud of you.

I know what you mean about the preoccupation with cigs. I am only in week four and although it is not as frequent there are times when I just can't seem to get them out of my head.

Keep going



Thanks Lingy - and well done to you on getting to four weeks.


Hey mrs t

Good on you you're doing great . Just keep at it . I know what you mean about thinking about fags . I'm only on day eleven but have tried to quit many times before . Been smoking for thirty years . I'm using the nasal spray right now and it does do it's job although i find it unpleasant to take . Good luck for the days ahead .


Well done on the 6 weeks, you're doing great!

I know where you're coming from with the boredom, but then I remebmber that smoking didn't really make me less bored.

What happened was, I would think 'I'm bored'. I'd then have a cigarette, and feel the relief from the craving and the 'hit' of nicotine. My brain would then believe that this 'positive' feeling meant I was no longer bored. So I would believe that smoking stops you being bored, when at most, it gives you a repetitive hand-to-mouth action for 5 minutes. I'd still be bored five minutes later.

Smoking didn't help you control your emotions, the nicotine craving made bad emotions seem worse (which you then relieved by smoking). Your brain just hasn't broken the link yet, hang in there :) I'm still trying to struggle through it too. Just have to keep telling yourself it's a lie.

And on a practical note, is there anything you can do when you are bored to feel less bored?


How true about the tricks that our minds play! I know that you are right on this. There is loads that I could (and should) be doing that would stop the boredom, but one of the other persistent symptoms for me at the moment is a crippling lethargy! My god, I sound absolutely pathetic when I write it down... It's ok though - I know that it will all sort itself out eventually, and I have never felt so strong and focussed on previous quits, so I really think this is it.

Thanks for the encouragement Pfaber - the nasal spray sounds horrid!


Nasal spray

Yes it is pretty horrible especially the first day or so but it does work quite well. Not sure i'll be getting anymore though . I'll just use up what i have and move onto the inhalator . That will be next week though . Best regards to all who read this and dont give up on giving up .


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