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Horray i've done 7 whole days and with no cheating

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I cant believe it is officially 1 week today, but if count in days it is actually the eighth day i have not had a cig for.

I suppose that tomorrow i will have to move into the week 2 forum and i cant wait while you all get to move in there with me.

Hey Lorna, How has your day been?

Hope everyone is still doing well. I am really please with myself. I am just delaying going home from work coz thats the time it hits me the most, all i want to do is make a lovely cupa tea, 1 sugar,lots of milk and sit and smoke. I am struggling to find a replacement. I liked it even more on a friday as i know i've finished work for the weekend. I do feel a bit like i have nothing to look forward to .............. i suppose i can breath better and i could always consider going for a jog instead of smoking or eating. I will have to wait for it to go dark before i consider the jogging. ha ha. Looks like i'll have to cope with the eating again. I must speak to the smoking nurse for her to soon refer me to the obesity nurse.

Jane :p

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See I knew you could do it, well done on your achievement - now get your ass into week 2 you deserve it


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well done Flipper, you're doing great!!!

Can't wait to join you next week in the next room!

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Well done flipper, have a cup of tea but come on here instead of having a cig or stand on your head or pull up some weeds or mmmmm well do anything but smoke

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well done us....I am really chuffed to reach the one week mark too.

Know what you mean about the obesity clinic Flipper, I just cannot stop eating. Trying not to worry about it and concentrate on not smoking for the time being. If I need to I will start the diet in the new year.

Hubby has picked up his first Champix pack today. So within the next 2 weeks we should be a smoke free house....that will definately please my daughter.

Stay strong over the weekend and see you in week 2 . :D

Lorna x

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I will and you too, weekends feels less exciting due to not smoking , i guess we just need to get more of them under our belt. I am going to try to take the kids out walking this weekend, one reason to distract me and the other reason will be to see how nice it is to walk up a hill with out gasping.

We went for a walk to a place called malham in the summer and it is a real climb. By the time i got to the top i didnt dare look up as i was purple with sweat dripping and just too embarressed to let anyone see me:eek: It would be lovely to be able to lift my head when i got to the top next time and actually look around.

see ya in week 2 tomorrow.

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I know the feeling, we went to Skye this year and I was shocked at how out of condition I was. That and Mum being diagnosed with COPD this year really made me determined to stop.

We are all going away this weekend, staying overnight at my Aunts in Northampton. They are non smokers so I am hopefull it will be easy to be in new surroundings for a couple of days.

It really is great to be following someone elses progress along with my own. Hope you have a fab time at the weekend.

Lorna x

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Hi Jane, 7 days bloody hell you are fantastic!! So proud of you well done.

The eating thing is driving me crazy, I've decided to leave it to day 7 and then pull myself together.

Have a great week-end my love and well done you day 7 girl.:D

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Well done Jane!!

Really hoping to get to week 2 forum too.

I agree coming back home after work is the hardest. Instead of tea, I have a coffee but done the same as you.

Find the mornings a bit tricky sometimes as well.

Congrats again,


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Thanks everyone

Its great to have you all there when i need you, somehow it does make it easier to know your not on your own and that everyone else is suffering with you (not that i want you all to suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!) buy hey! why should i suffer alone. lol

I hope your all doing well and enjoying your weekend. I am just going to wash the car for the first time in years, i am a bit worried that the paint might come off with the dirt but i am sure i will do a better job than when my hubby cleaned it with a scouring pad (yes he is a genius and yes it was buggered afterwards)

Catch you all later.


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7 days

I've done 7 days feel don't feel 2 gud due 2 effects of champix (bloated) any suggestions ny1?:confused:

Quit 12/10/09

10-15 a day



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Hey congrats! you're doing terrific. You have gotten through the hardest part. What you need to do now is to examine all the parts of your life and find out what is enjoyable about them. For example, when you have your tea, savor each sip and determine what about that sip is so wonderful ... and enjoy.

Have a great smoke free day!


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Thnx Kari thats very encouraging.:)

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