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Patchless by accident!!

How random....after asking the CT question yesterday it has kind of happened by accident. I visited my parents yesterday and spent the night, so after a hectic day took myself off to the pit, this morning I noticed i had forgotten to take my patch off (16hr one). So I thought I'd better wait a while until i put another one on.......and completely forgot to put one on and I only remembered at about mid afternoon. I have left it off but now my brain knows i haven't got it on its trying to play tricks on me, i am going to ride it out. Hope everyone is having a nice evening?


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that's great Michelle, but it doesn't matter how you quit just so long as you do. You are doing really well and should be proud of yourself :D


Hi Michelle, glad you had a nice visit to your Mum & Dads, you knew it was going to be a busy one but was it busier than you thought it would be.

I sat and waited for hours and hair still needs doing :D if you feel ok without the patch then that’s ok I would think, but what you need to keep telling yourself is the patch is there if you need it, just because you have not put it on doesn’t mean it’s set in stone that you can’t go back to wearing it again, if you feel you need to put another one on then that’s not going to make you any less of a quitter, you have to do what is best for you and no one else, you are doing so well that’s all that matters xx

When the time is right you will know, cut it in half and try it that way for a while.


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