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Champix experience... :(

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Morning everyone!

Firstly i just want to say thank you to anyone who supported me through day 1 yesterday, wouldnt have been able to do it without this website! So thanks a million!!

Last Cig was 15/02/2012 at 10pm ish.

Ive been on Champix for 11 days and yesterday i thought was my day to give up as i wasnt really craving much in the morning and i managed all day without one of the evil buggers..But...

Last night, i had my bed time Champix pill half an hour early because ide been getting very odd dreams, not being able to sleep and waking up numerous times throughout the night.

About 15minutes after taking the pill, i felt so depressed! It was such a horribel feeling, i cryed for about an hour and then suddenly flipped into angry mode and did some out of character things!

My mum came upstairs and i cryed to her for a while and she recommended i get off the pills as she tried them a few years back and experienced the same side effects.

I havent taken my morning pill today, and ive thrown the rest away! I feel so so so much better its unbelievable, no tummy pains, no nausea, not tired and i feel alive not like a zombie!!

Ive decided on going cold turkey, and seeing if i can manage today without another cig. If i get so worked up that i "need" to have one then i think im going to try and just cut down (15-20 a day normally, cut back to 10, then 5, then 2, then hopefully none). Im hoping i dont have to do this and i can just succeed in going CT.

Sorry for the essay but i just needed to get all this off my chest, and i know every single person on this forum is very supportive and understanding as we are all or have been in the same boat.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys!


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ah well


your gonna go cold turkey, your brave. Been on champix since 1st february, yes there has been the headache which go away after a bit, the sleeplessness issues which subsided after day 13 for me (I have been getting some brill sleep since then).

The anger stuff, yes I have felt really angry over things, but thats withdrawal it will soon pass. I feel less irate now which is cool.

I have read alot of posts, some good some bad, I will be honest, I really havent experienced that many problems with it.

From the majority of posts it seems that women are more likely to have some really bad episodes with this stuff, so your case does not sound unusual.

I would never go cold turkey, tried it before, it felt like hell, but with the champix I feel really good,

But dont give up you can do it

I think everyone is different, i know for a fact that im better off without these pills already!

In only 11 days it felt like they were controlling my life! Im going to beat this by my willpower alone! :D

Looking forward to getting my book by Allen Carr and having a healthier life!

Like i said, i will try today with no ciggies, if i dont succeed then i will do the cut down method, but still, none today and ive normally had altleast 5 by now!!

Thanks for the reply Max, received so much help and support already from this site..its brilliant! :D xxxxx

If you're doing the allen carr book, you don't have to stop smoking until the end so if you find you really can't do it, don't worry, wait til you've finished his book :)

I didn't want the champix as I was worried about the side effects too, anger and depression, nightmares and hallucinations, no thanks, didn't wanna risk it. I hate pumping tablets into my body anyway, I will reluctantly take two ibruprofen if I have a really bad headache or migraine. Having said that I pumped nicotine and tobacco chemicals into my body for 9 years so double standards? Lol

Hope you manage to quit hun. I couldn't have cut down, cos the disipline and deprivation feelings are too much. I needed a complete stop. But if it works for you who is anyone to judge

Hi Little-Vix,

My advice is that cutting down method will not work, you need to break your addiction to Nicotine altogether and in my opinion still smoking even small amounts or even using NRT will have a detrimental effect on your quit.

Alan Carr book is a great place to start as well as educating yourself on what to expect over the coming days, weeks & months when quitting cold turkey. With the correct mind-set and education quitting CT is easy. Try not to listen to people who say things like "you are brave to quit CT" You are not, you are doing the right thing.

Alan Carr will teach you a lot, I have gone from a 20 a day smoker for 16-17 years to a non-smoker in the space of 5 months - If you would of asked me even 12 months ago if I would of quit smoking I would laugh in your face and say no chance. I had tried so many half-hearted attempts over the last 5 years and I failed each time due to a lack of understanding of nicotine and my addiction.

I was watching my girlfriend smoke earlier and my thought straight away was "what the hell is the point of standing out in the freezing cold just to get a nicotine fix" Whereas 6 months ago I would of been jealous if I wasn’t out smoking with her. It just shows how my outlook has changed.

Anyway, whatever method you decide, best of luck.

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MissConception1 Year Smoke Free in reply to nsd_user663_35351

Allen Carr rocks. I gave up for 12 years with easy way. I went go into how i started again... Long story but suffice it to say i should have remembered 'not one puff even'. Been smoking now only a few months and trying champix.

Hi LittleVix,

I think that I spotted that you were saying yesterday about champix and nausea. If that is the case - and if others didn't already notify you - did you know that the timing of when you have your champix pill can help with controlling the sickness feeling? I didn't actually use champix but previous users have mentioned that having the pill after a meal (breakfast?) can help.

Best wishes with your quit :)

Thanks all for you support! Means a lot!

If i managed yesterday with no ciggie, then whats to stop me today?! ;)

Im going to do this, i doubt i will be doing the cut down method but its a fall back incase i fail miserably!

Im going to be busy tomorrow, driving a distance, shopping, meal and cinema so hopefully that will take my mind off the "hardest day 3"!

And as for Champix.. not a chance im ever going back on that stuff, ive come to realise in just a few days that i wont be taken control of by a tiny little pill thats causing me so much pain and depression.

I tried taking it with food in the morning and still ahd the nausea, took it earlier before bed to help me sleep but still had almost every single side affect there is (have you guys read all the side effects in the leaflet!!! :eek: :eek: )

Hopefully tomorrow (if i get time ;)) i will be posting on DAY 3, if i dont get the time, i will be posting on DAY 6!


allan carr???

so what is this book about then?

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MissConception1 Year Smoke Free in reply to nsd_user663_43106

Try it. If it doesn't work its a brilliant read. No scare tactics but lots of myth unravlling.


Post 3 in this thread links to a pdf...I hope it still is, at any rate :confused:


Best wishes on your game plan

Here is the link to Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking​Stop_Smoking.pdf


Champix experience.

Disrupted sleep is a common complaint regarding champix. When I first started, the sleep deprevation was driving me mad. The Nurse at my GP clinic advised me not to take a dose of champix after 7pm and the situation significantly improved.

I am 2 months smoke free now and, in my opinion, the issues were worth it.

To give you an idea, before I stopped smoking, I was up half the night because the persistent cough kept me awake.

Have a word with your GP if your problems persist but if you can "tough it out" I can assure you the benefits are positively life changing.

Keep coming to the forum, there are a lot of people falling over themselves with support and advice.

Good Luck

Hi Vix

I am on champix and am on day 17 of them. I have the dreams but do sleep ok, felt pretty terrible on them last week after reaching the highest dose but have found since stopping smoking last friday the side effects have gone except the dreams - could be thats how it works? For me didn't feel down or depressed just more sick.

Good luck going for it alone! If your mind is made up then I am sure you will manage it!



Hi Little Vix

I too started the champix, quit on day 5 of taking them and stopped taking the tablets on day 11 or 12 due to side effects so ended up going CT, im now nearly 16 months quit and can honestly say its the best thing i could ever have done. I experienced the same side effects as you but i took my 2nd tablet at teatime when it was the first week so the 2 x.5mg per day and that reduced the nightmares but still they made me feel almost drunk at times and i nearly fell down the stairs on occasion too.

I did not take the higher dose in the 2nd week i stayed on .5mg per day rather than 2 x 1mg per day because i had already quit early and did not want more of those tablets in my system so on the advice of the Nurse i only took the lower dose until i stopped the tablets on day 11 or 12.

I also read Allen Carrs book the free version on line but also bought the paperback version from Amazon for 2.76.

Read through some of my earlier threads and you will see how the effected me. Everyone is different and the outcome should be the same to kick NICS BUTT!

It is possible to go CT after but i would not do the cut down route if your gonna to stop STOP otherwise your still feeding the nicotine demon, starve him and tell him to sod off.

Anyhow im proof that it is possible to stop champix early and stay stopped. Good luck Hun x

All the best

Thanks everyone for the brilliant support!!

Im on day 3 now so am going to post on there.. thanks again guys! xxx

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