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Day 5 after quitting "by accident"


Yes that really did say "by accident" lol

Basically as much as I knew quitting was the right thing to do I actually woke up on Sunday morning, went to light up, and just asked myself "Do I really want this?" , decided no and then that was it for the whole day

Now I am coming to the end of Day 5 and am still trying to decide if I want this, mainly because it was so unplanned I'm still in shock lol

To be honest I haven't found it too bad, all the cravings I have had so far I have just asked myself that very same question as on day 1

So after all that rabbiting on - any advice as to what I may have coming up if I am going to go the whole hog on this one :-)

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Hi Jamous & welcome.

You say you have fallen on this quit by accident rather than planning. If you are on day 5 & have gotten this far without too much trouble please, please carry on & not go back to smoking.

I have tried many times to quit. Some have been quite easy, some really bad & only lasted days or even hours.

If you are having a relatively easy time don't through it away. Next time you may not be so lucky.

Don't leave giving up smoking till your health is in danger, knock it on the head now while you can.

I have been smoking for the best part of 36 years & will be 50 (yikes) this year Not old these days but my health has suffered badly I still should be as fit as a fiddle but if this quit does not stick the outcome is not good.

Hope some of this makes sense.

Gaynor xx

Oh boy !... You have just put yourself in a very good position !

There are going to be hard times ahead, but you sound SO determined...Just stick with it, and if you feel like weakening . Come on here

Really stay strong and positive..and you'll do it

All the best


Hey Jamous

only advice I can give you to what's coming up is to change your questioning from

"do I really WANT this?" to do "I really NEED this?"

'Need' is a lot different to 'want'...and there are bound to be times in the future where you will really, really WANT a cigarette and if you continue to have a straightforward quit, you may soon slip into the trap of "Ive quit once, no problem, Ill just have this one and quit again tomorrow".

However, you will never NEED one, no matter how much you want one!!

Other than that it sounds like you're in full I'll wish you luck and simply say...any problems come on here and seek support!

keep going, keep going- I've a few friends who've quit after they've been ill for a few days so thought they'd may as well keep going- they've just found their motivation and reasons as they've gone along, rather than a planned quit where it's all there before hand.

Even if it doesn't turn into a long term quit, the longer you go, the more you learn for next time

Pols xxx

Morning all

Many thanks for your replies everone - am really loving the support on here

Well just sat here eating my breakfast on day 6 - which for some strange reason tastes very different to normal :confused::)

Have a great day everyone and stay strong !

Morning Jamous

Well done for your accidental quit! Mine is on purpose but at the same stage as you( day 5 for me). I've quit before but have to say this time is the easiest and, funnily enough, the only time I've tried cold turkey. Complacency is your enemy like someone else said, you may think you can have just one 'cos giving up is easy... there is no guarantee that next time is easy! Anyway, you know all that. I just thought I'd comment on your funny breakfast taste - do you drink coffee? I've read that nicotine and caffeine do work together so your coffee will taste a bit odd for a bit, and have more of an effect..

Hope you enjoy the sunshine today..


Hi Vix

Hey, thanks for that :D

And no my breakfast dosen't involve coffe but I was thinking more about the cereal and porridge I have been eating since I quit lol

Well Day 7 for me is just starting and it's this one that I'm more worried about because I'm not at work today so although I know it will be important to keep myself busy ... it's not the same as being in an environment where I literally am not allowed to light up

Got a feeling I will be getting lots of housework done today :p

Morning Jamous and Vix :D

You're both doing really whether planned or not you're both alomost a week into your quits just hang in there guys


Marg xx

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