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Patchless for 5 days now

I thought I'd post to reassure anyone else who's on patches - coming off them really ISN'T bad at all! I found it no different to going down a strength.

I was SLIGHTLY worried during days 3 and 4, in case that pesky NicoDemon decided to make an attempt at a last stand as it was banished from my body all together - I even apologised to OH in advance in case I shouted at him - but everything was fine and I didn't shout at ANYBODY!!

I haven't used the inhalator either - so I must be completely nicotine free now. I even stood outside at lunch earlier and chatted to the smokers (just to let them know I'm still alive! :p ) so I've caught up with the gossip at work now, but didn't have to have a fag to do it!

So - UP YOURS NicoDemon, you'll have to do better than that! ;)

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I would like to commend you for doing well on the cold turkey phase of the quit. 5 days is real good. I liked your parting shot at the nico-demon. I might have to "borrow" that one.



Well done you 5 days without a patch and no prob;ems coming off them that#s great Big Hug coming your way


Marg xx


Well done you coming off the patches, I used them also for the first few weeks, had no problem stopping them either.

I see you will be quit for 2 months tomorrow, big Well Done to you.




Congrats on the 5 days patch free, hope all is going well.

Looking forward to seeing you in month 3 tomorrow as Lorna is starting to get on my nerves. she is SOOOOOOOOOO bossy lol



Well done on breaking away from the patches and indeed you are past the first 4 days too which I found were similar to the earliest days of my quit when i was on patches...

off them now though!!! So nice one.

You will now be adjusting to all aspects of your life again without any nicotine supplement, so don't be surprised if you do get the odd 'down in the dumps' days aswell as the days where you feel quitting smoking was the best thing you've ever done.

Stick at it, and meet any challenges you see still along the way head on and overcome them.

Good luck and congrats on being nicotine free now.



Looking forward to seeing you in month 3 tomorrow as Lorna is starting to get on my nerves. she is SOOOOOOOOOO bossy lol

:eek: Jack, you better borrow MCW's pumps and run for your life. Lorna's a dab hand with her clipboard.

MCW, great to hear all is well without patches. I wonder if on some level you will miss the dreams. I did... on some level;)

Good to be free of them and the nicotine though. I carried an inhalator around in my pockets for a while but ditched it .... and the way out of date cartridges :o


Don't worry Jack, I'll be there to save you soon! We just need to get Lorna sooooo drunk that she drops her clipboard, then we can hide it somewhere safe!

I think I'm managing the dreams perfectly well by myself WITHOUT the patches - last night I was dreaming that I was a singer in a band called Kamikaze Cupcake, and the rest of the band were all wrinkly old men! (I come up with the BEST band names in my sleep! :D )


Haha, that is a great band name..... patent it ;):D


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