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Need some encouragement


I am new to the forum found you by looking for people to talk to who will give me some support.

I am 54yr old female and have smoked from being 13yrs old up to 40cigs a day. I have chronic asthma and this year have been really ill, the doc sent me for chest xray which came back severe damage due to smoking. If you want to see 65 stop smoking. I had already been to my local pharmacy for help to quit programme but turned out to be less than useless as the consultant only worked one day a week and was on holiday most of the time I should see her, someone ele took over the appoiment but they only seemed interested in filling in the form and giving out the patches not really any help and after 8wkks I didn't go back.

The doctor gave me a spirometer test and diagnosed COPDstop smoking and come back in a year for a check up. I have almost stopped although I told everyone I had from the beginning I was still smokig one or two cigarettes a day, last bank holiday weekend I smoked six cigarettes on the Friday Saturday Sunday on Monday night I was in hospital on a Nebulizer fighting to breathe. Haven't smoked since then until tonight.

Even with patches gum and inhalators every minute I think about smoking and am desperate for one last cig.

I am now thinking about going cold turkey does nicotine replacement really help or just postpone the moment when you have to let go? I had not smoked since last monday and was expecting to feel dizzy and sick when I gave in tonight instead just felt a great sense of relief.

I know I am stupid but could really do with some support from others who have been there.


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Hi roz x

Me personally thinks nrt helps ,,,whether it in the mind or not ....I just think it took the edge off the quitting bit like gas n air in childbirth:eek: not magic but helps ....I did patches & did the drop down not on anything ....

others mite well say it prolongs the quit ...but wotever works dont suppose it matters really does it?

good luck & keep posting :) xxx


Hi Roz i have been smoking for a lot of year's tryed so many times failed.But i new i had to quite some time so i am on Champix not saying it's easy it's hard i could pull my hair out but i am going to get threw this some how.If i feel terrible i come on here it realy does help into my 17th day so good luck to you and to me.


similar circumstances

Hi Roz,

just joined this forum too. same age , same copd -and I know from too numerous quits to mention that I need support by talking to people who have been through it.

I must do it for good now. Have read loads on this forum - and feel somehow I have got a bit of insight that wasnt there before. it really has helped to read the fact that smoking is an addiction -and for me - not just one little cig ever.thought I could - but no. no no..

light bulb moment!!

I would like to say anyone reading that copd starts very insiduously. A bit wheeze here , bit out of breath there. No problem you think.

then the wheezing starts at bed time . walking the dog for a mile or two becomes one mile. then you find yourself avoiding stairs etc.

do not want to frighten anyone - just anyone watching please do not ignore the signs as I have done.

I am very commited to my quit now . fear does that to you.

I am not that bad thank god. but from a gal who loved to hillwalk and garden.

we will do it Roz!! holding your hand. xx


Hi Roz

I too think that NRT helps, I honestly don't think I could have done this without NRT. I used patches and the inhalator for when I was really desperate. I used the patches for 10 weeks and have been off them for nearly 2. You do still have to use willpower but it is doable.

I'm same age 54, spent a lot of my life smoking, what a waste. I am still finding it hard but once again it is doable. I know that as every week goes by I will think less and less about smoking.

I would say use the NRT route, in fact use whatever help is out there, including this forum. Knowledge is power.;)


Hi Roz, it's great that you have found this forum, they are a great bunch and will support you whenever you need them. Personally, I quit with champix, I am on day 14 and still cannot believe I haven't had a puff. I'm not saying it's been easy, but it's been manageable. If you are in the right frame of mind and are determined, you will do it. Check out all the links you can, they offer very good advice, but most of all, take one day/hour/minute at a time......good luck :)


Hi Roz well done for joining and wanting to quit. First off you CAN do this, we all can and have so you def can! :)

Quitting is so easy, it's a life choice that you have made. Have you made a list of reasons for quitting? because thats a good idea and be sure to put it on here to go back to. Do as is did and read the signitures, make it sink in. Take up exercise, change your thoughts.

Whichever way you go is up to you. I went cold turkey but thats me, if i'm gonna quit it has to be 100% quit regardless. It wasn't easy but i pulled through and to this day so glad i did so remember you can do it too.

Lots of luck to you.


Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks to everyone for your support it helps to know that others are in the same position as you struggling but determined to do it.

I have to admit weekends for me are the hardest and I am going to have to figure something out for then. Maybe I should give up the bottle of red wine stretched out to last Friday Saturday and Sunday night. Alcohol and smoking do seem to go hand in hand.

Another problem I have is I have two sons at home 28 & 26 yrs old both of them smoke, last weekend I told them even if I beg you don't give me a cigarette but I know I can make them give in! My husband doesn''t smoke and can't believe I can't just stop after the COPD diagnosis and breathing problems.

I have to be honest and think I can be here, tonight I will have one last cig, so my official stop smoking day will be from Monday 10th May 2010.

Going to be keeping in touch thanks for holding my hand I sure do need it! We will get there.



Yay well done Roz, have your last fag tonight and move on, you have the will power keep remembering that. Cripes you have two sons right? i know what thaqts like and that takes a certin amount of tolerance. Just rise to the challenge, take one day at a time for the first few days.


Yes it definitely can be done. If I can do it......(40 a day gal, so glad i saw the light and gave up befoore i did any lasting damage)

Don't expect it to be easy, but NRT does help. I have to say there is a lot of testing yourself with "just ones", "just with drinkies" and that there is a long period of just not feeling comfortable without them, missing them like a friend. But it really can be done, and now with my nearly six months I rarely if ever think about them, much less want one.

It is truly a drug addiction and reading about addiction really helps, as does multivits, nrt, making healthy lifestyle changes.

I really recommend Patrick Holfords "How to Quit Without Feeling Shit" too.


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