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No Smoking Day
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Just some encouragement

I’m now getting close to 6 months , gone through a lot of different withdrawal stages from lack of sleep , numbness in my finger tips , Stressing etc etc ..but as said ..stages .. all gone now ..

weird how you just carry on with life like I’ve enever smoked , just like other non smokers ..

still don’t like the smell though .. really does stink I find and try avoid ...

Other than that , weight has gone up a bit on the belly ! So need to address this with exercise when the weather gets better and get out in the bike .. food does taste better and the often binge does creep up here and there ...

I quit cold turkey after a good 30 yrs of smoking .. and getting Ill with pneumonia and being hospitalised done the trick !!!

That’s what it took for me I’m aftraid , not that I was enjoying smoking that much . Was just a horrible habit in the end the same for many of us ..

So I hope I can give a little bit of encouragement if you’ve started the NOT SO IMPOSSIBLE ! Keep it going ..it gets easier 👍

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Great post Rjg45 - thanks for sharing your positive attitude, you have come a long way since you first joined us here and fought hard, well done and keep that guard up and ready to attack at all times :)


6 months is totally amazing...well done. Thanks for popping in & offering words of encouragement. As a newbie it's great to hear success stories & I can't wait to be where you are now. Take care.

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Believe me , the time just goes and I never thought I’d start to feel better but it does happen ... as said , just need to get fit now and weight gain needs addressing .. I’m at the point where I’ve forgotten about smoking now ..

vary rarely a reminder craving , as I call them ,pops up in my my head ..normally when I’m sat doing nothing , having a coffee at home in the kitchen , I smoked outside in the garden. , or from the kitchen door ..but I just just shrug it , laugh at it and it’s gone ..

I’m impressed with myself lol .. it’s weird how the habit dies from you in the end ..

we’re all different , Smoked different with habit so we all have our own level of difficulty I guess with quitting ..

All I can say is , the longer without it , The easier it becomes and then it doesn’t exist.


We are exactly on the same page. I went through all the withdrawal and made it this far where only a very small percentage of cravings is left. I've never been this proud to achieve something great especially for my health. I am also addressing my weight gain, but at the same time enjoying my endless food cravings.

And I totally agree with you "the longer without it, the easier it becomes and then it doesn't exist".

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Yes the weight gain is another task !

Getting fit is the key now .. tbh ...Sometimes feel worse than I did when I smoked lol .. but they say recovery from nicotine can do this to you ..🙄 As said , I had pneumonia, so weather my lungs have scarred from that I don’t know but is possible... but I’ll never go back to smoking .... For myself , my family 😊

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