No Smoking Day
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Needing some help here :(

Sorry all for not posting much lately, so much going on and I felt I was progressing've no idea of the life changes made in the past few months.

Anyway without going into details, I am on day 47 wow, I have never gone this many days without smoking and I am really super proud but at the same time have been horribly depressed for the last three days. I started my new job this week and it seems like it will be an excellent fit but I can't shake my desire to smoke for some reason ugh!!!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, desire is hovering at an even 8. Wtf, where is this coming from? (Rhetorical question of course) :eek:

I keep telling myself to just hang in there and this was going to happen eventually but the reality of it is a bit staggering. I really felt like I was making progress here. Needless to say this is very depressing......

I can say I have come far enough to recognize that a cigarette will neither solve anything or make me feel better so I am not going to give in to the desire. That said I still don't feel better for it. :(

I'm sorry, so many others have given so much that I hardly feel I've room to complain, I'm so dam mad at myself right now.

I quit drinking last January and I now find myself having the odd cocktail because I can't face both demons at once and this time I simply won't give up this quit which may leave me with a different problem on the other end.....argghhhhhhhh so frustrated.

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Hi sherri!

It's strange isn't it?? I had this the other day, was skipping along quite happily and bam, ran into a wall for some reason and wanted a cig to make it all go away. Like you though I feel like I'm at the stage where I can say no!! I don't want to smoke, but the feeling is very insistent. My solution was to lie in bed and sulk about it and it went away after a good nights sleep.

Think back to your first days of quitting what would you do to distract yourself? You have no reason to be mad because your still smoke free therefore winning against silly mr nics last minute attempts to get you back! What a fool he is! This is a forum where people join in the hope of achieving the same thing, to you, your problems might seem little compared to others (my broken kettle did lol) but it's not it's just as big as any if it's effecting you and getting in the way of you reaching your ultimate goal! Penthouse baby!!

Go pamper yourself for getting this far and then work on some cocktails ( if it won't encourage the craves)you have a few of us right behind you expecting you at the gates of freedom holding out our classy beverages ready to celebrate with us:D


Sherri, dear girl, sorry to hear you've hit a bad patch. I agree with the others- it's almost certainly been triggered by the new job (however good the fit, starting a new job is a very stress-inducing experience) and I'm sure that once you're into a routine again, and everything starts to feel familiar, it'll wear off.

I don't know the history that lead up to your decision to quit drinking so I suppose that whether you can afford to relax a bit in relation to that depends on the circumstances. There's always the danger that a drink will reinforce the craves though, so if at all possible you're probably best exercising caution at the very least on that front.

You're doing SO well and should be really, really proud of yourself. It isn't easy to combine the two things especially when you've had to deal with life-changing events including a move to a different town and starting a new job. I suggest some non quit-compromising treats (a massage, a facial, some new clothes, a really lovely meal out, etc) are called for. :)


Awww Sherri sorry you are feeling like this, there's defo something in the air at the minute! I agree with the others this has been brought on by you starting your new job, you should be proud mate you may feel like poop but you havent had a single puff so good for you, you dont want to waste your quit over a fag, I have felt like you for the last few days aswell mate so has Laura and Tracey we are all in this together mate and we WILL get to that penthouse smoke free with our heads held high :) xxxx


Good morning and thank you all. I treated myself to a late start today ;) just getting around to getting dressed now. How lovely it feels to laze away the morning after getting up at 5:45 all week.

The work thing is so overrated :D

Anyway just wanted to thank you all for picking me up, feeling back to me today...


Tea, that was really disgusting!! :p however it works like a charm hahahaha

Just the thought......... ewwwwwww :eek:


If your craving is an 8/10 imagine the cigarette with other stuff like 💩, or covered in maggots, for 2 minutes until it goes away.Yep whatever it takes, or imagine the greeny phlemy stuff you cough up when you have the flu, the REALLY green stuff, imagine a standard milk bottle full of that, really full with fag stumps in it and also the fag you may want to smoke before you put it in your mouth imagine that full bottle of phlem as the fag you are about to put in you mouth has been dipped in it and if you light that fag you have do drink that bottle of phlem in one go! Gulp, gulp, gulp eeeeeeeeeeee imagine all them slimy green flem things going down your throat and into your belly.

Ew + Ew = Ewwwwwwwwwwww.


(Gagging) ughhhhhh I just threw up in my mouth!!! :o


Guys please....I'm trying to eat a mango here...:p

Hope your day is going well Sherri :)


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