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No Smoking Day
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New Here, Need some advice

Hello All,

I am new here and would welcome some advice.

I have stopped smoking and am now into my second week and this is marginally better than the first week.

I still feel motivated and believe I will not smoke again but this is certainly something I would not like to experience again.

When I stopped smoking, I went cold turkey and the withdrawal symptoms have subsided but I still feel a bit foggy headed; my sleeping is interruped (I wake every hour), I am tired; I have had a tension headache for a couple of days now and I am still a bit irritable! I just want to feel normal again and get on with my life.

I am also recovering from a anxiety disorder so my anxiety has risen since I stopped smoking which I find it hard to deal with.

Please tell me that this doesn't go on forever!!!!

I have no intention of smoking again and cannot believe what this addiction has done to me! Now and then, I have momentary thoughts of smoking again just so I can get back to normal but I know that I can't go back.

I do feel so good and positive about stopping but some advice and words of encouragement are badly needed!



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Welcome to the forum Lisa.

Here is a recent thread of a very similar nature..

Get over to whyquit.com and have a thorough read there too.

The road to freedom is littered with the smoking remains of sleepless nights, spots, bad skin and chocolate / mint poisoning.

Embrace them all and quit with a spring in your step... :)


The road to freedom is littered with the smoking remains of sleepless nights, spots, bad skin and chocolate / mint poisoning.

lol ! :D :D


Welcome to the forum,

Austin has pretty much covered it but, well done for getting into this far already.

The symptoms you describe tend to subside over the 2nd week and into the 3rd, so you should be feeling normal pretty soon.

All the best and keep posting.



Welcome Lisa and well done in getting this far. I can only say ditto to the above so look forward to seeing you on here often or as and when depending on how you feel.

This really is a good place to come to when you need advice, laughter or just a plain good old fashioned rant.:D

All the best



Hi Lisa:)

everything you have said is perfectly normal,things do get easier,honest.

Hang In there.

And well done for getting to week 2:)


What they said ^^^^

Everything you describe is perfectly normal for your stage of the quit. They will go away, and the one most likely to be the last to go will be the restless nights - although it will improve quickly. The simple fact is non smokers need less sleep, I have 2 hours a night less and feel much better than when I was smoking.

Education is the key to a successful quit, that is more or less universally accepted here. My favourite sites are whyquit.com and woofmang.com

Hang in there and soon you will notice how much easier it is getting :D


Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum :0

You are doing fine, everything you describe is perfectly normal, and yes, I am pleased to tell you that it does get better :D

Keep reading, keep posting, and keep positive :)


Hi.. well done.... its hard when you have other health nissues as well...but I have been told..and i believe..it is well worth it.

Your symptoms are the same as mine and most peoples for the second week... I have been told that people start to feel normal by the third week...I guess that means physical normaility... the odd craving I suspect may appear sometimes..but if you can fight that off for the first week..then when you feel on top of things it shouldnt be impossible.

By the way..dont listen to anyone who says now might not be the right time to quit... its a load of rubbish...


Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome! I am very grateful to you all.

Funnily enough, last night when I went to bed, I fell asleep at 10pm and did not wake until my alarm went off at 5.45am! Great!

I feel much better after a good night sleep and the tight band around my head is loosening up a little.

Maybe I am finding my way out of the woods - I can see a clearing in the distance; time to stop struggling and enjoy the walk.

Even though I still have the odd urge to smoke, I will never go back; this has been very hard work so far and it fills me with horror to ever think I would have to do all that again.:eek:;)

Why did I start smoking???????? Fool!:D


Why did I start smoking???????? Fool!:D

[Mr T]

I Pity the fool!

[/Mr T]

We all ask ourselves the same question.

It's great that you sound so determined and I'm very pleased that you're feeling better.

All these niggling symptoms are just your body starting to undo all the damage done by smoking. Just look at it as proof that a) you are doing the right thing, b) smoking really is THAT bad for you and c) even though you have poisoned yourself regularly, your body will undo most of that damage given enough time....

Looking from that angle, all these symptoms are a hugely positive thing.


just a little less caffine too!

hi , welcome to the forum, just read somewhere to limit any caffine intake by half you did as a smoker, may help with the headaches ?.............the sleep will sort itself in time ..see you around:p


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