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Moving down patch size

I've just moved down to 7mg patch. I was going to wait until I was craving free but I don't think that is ever going to happen. I'm still using nicotine gum and lozenges. I'm 8 weeks quit now. A little voice keeps telling me I'll never be free of the cravings until every last trace of nicotine has left my body. Don't want to mess up my quit but also don't want to be on NRT forever. I guess it's all trial and error.


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Good for you, thats a step in the right direction, you may well get about 3 days or so of re-adjustment to the new dosage level of the patch, but you do adjust and yeah you DO have a few tricky moments where you will feel the cravings a bit more.

Heck, bite your finger if you have to ;)

Trust me though, the heightened level of cravings WILL pass, and once you are used to the lower dosage you'll be ok.

When you come off the patches later on, similar will occur in that you will be getting used to no nicotine in your system. During that time carry a spare patch with you 'just in case', but i suspect you'll be just fine once the time comes.

Quitting smoking is not life threatening, but smoking IS.. so however those cravings feel, they are not damaging your health.. good health will follow all this, and you will feel the benefits of less nicotine in your system too.

Keep posting on here.. good or bad times, post the lost, thats what the forum is for.

keep goin.



Hi sue

you quit same day as me :) i didnt use patches so dont really no anything about them but its usually about a 12 week programme isnt it so i wouldnt worry to much about it do what you feel works for you




Hi Sue,

I gave up patches at the weekend. I only used the 7 mg ones for 4 days and just thought 'what's the point?' and decided to get nicotine free asap (I only did 2 weeks on step 1 and 1 week on step 2 too).

Everyone's obviously different, I started with every intention of completing the program as recommended but just got impatient. Only you know what you're ready for.

Will the cravings ever end??? Who knows? I've certainly found my quit much easier than I expected (so far), but I still think about it a hell of a lot.

Take care...



The smoking clinic would give you 12 weeks worth of NRT. They reckon "on average" that's how long it takes to break the majority of your habit/triggers. You're at 8 weeks - maybe you're readyfor the final push maybe you're not. But it might be worth seeing how you get on this week before making any rash decisions. Obviously, you're still nicotine dependant physically whilst you're on the gum and patches.

If you get on well with a cut down, maybe you're ready to stop the patches -if you're really struggling even with NRT, maybe you need to give it another week or two.

On the other hand - if you're really struggling with NRT, why not try going cold turkey - you'll be struggling either way!!

Listen to everyone's advice. Read up on the subject and make your decision based on what feels right for you. Just take a bit of time over your decision...


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